Self-Esteem Week Intro: Jedida Re-Post

Jedidah wrote a post recently about self- esteem and about how God made us beautiful. She gave me permission to re-post it on my blog which is down below.

This post inspired me to have a Self-Esteem week on my blog. The way that it will work is that Monday-Friday, I will post a fellow blogger friend's (mine will be Monday) story about their struggle/journey with self-esteem.

I really struggled with self-esteem when I was younger so I am hoping that the personal stories that will be posted on my blog can help someone somewhere, someday.

Please check the bottom of this post to see the links to all the posts from the week and to read everybody's unique story about self-esteem.

Here is Jedidah's post:


" Beee-you-tee-ful?

At Heritage, one afternoon as we were getting ready for church, we started talking about self-esteem - particularly Mary's great self-esteem. One of the girls asked, "Mary, how is it that you have such great self-esteem?" Mary's response, "I don't know. I just do. I know that God made me beautiful."

Mary's response is not a typical American female response. Most women do not consider themselves beautiful. There is always something wrong with them, in their minds - too fat, too skinny, too pale, too tan, too tall, too short, and the list goes on. We always need to lose 10 pounds, find a new hairdo, or go shopping for a new dress that will make us look divine.

I've been thinking about this quite a bit since Heritage. In the course of that conversation, Mary asked me, "Jedidah, do you think you're beautiful?" I quickly responded in the negative. But what is it that hinders me from being beautiful? Is it the unnamed amount of weight I gained in college and grad school? The acne that sometimes plagues me? The fact that I'm short? Is my nose too big? My ears crooked? How about that scar in my eyebrow that makes it look like I'm always plucking my eyebrows wrong? Or the fact that one eye is green and the other is blue?

What is it about the American culture that creates a sense of inferiority in the women of this country? What causes the thought that, unless you are 120 pounds, 5'7", perfectly tanned (not too dark, not too light), and look like a movie star, you aren't beautiful?

Our society is saturated with images of what we have decided is perfect. Gorgeous bodies that have been sculpted, shaped and manipulated by photoshop. Movie stars who lead unhealthy lifestyles to stay in the definition of "beautiful." We are daily bombarded with messages that tell us we aren't pretty enough, thin enough, etc.

How is it that people I don't know and don't care about could shape how I see myself? Yet it does. Because that is the American culture - the American dream even. It has been turned into "life, liberty and the pursuit of perfection."

But who says beautiful has to be perfect?!?! I, for one, am ready to stand up and say that beautiful doesn't have to be perfect. Imperfection is part of what makes us unique and special. I have flaws, but so does everyone else. Those perfect models have something wrong with them - it just gets airbrushed out so we can't see it.

Mary knows she has flaws, yet she still thinks she is beautiful, because God made her. God doesn't make garbage. Who cares if I have funny colored eyes, or a goofy-looking left eyebrow? God created me the way I am - He thinks I am perfect! I am "fearfully and wonderfully made." Sure I have stuff I can work on - everyone does. Being fearfully and wonderfully made doesn't mean I have an excuse to not make myself look good, but it helps me focus less on the imperfections.

The things that make us as apostolics beautiful is our devotion to God, our submitted Holiness lifestyle, and our charming personalities. Oh, yeah, and our smiles. If I smile, most people won't notice the eyebrow thing as much (at least, that's what I tell myself!)

After all, those are the important things, right? and when it comes to the important things, all those size -4 models ain't got nothin on us"

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