Thank You Jesus!

I don't know why, but while praying a specific time popped into my mind about when I was about 17.
I wasn't backsliden, but I sure wasn't living right for God, and I was tired of being the same.

It was New Years and I was in Mexico in my uncles church with my great-grandma (she's basically the only reason I went). This church belonged/s to an uncle who used to preach holiness and oneness, but gave this all up for a liberal HUGE church. I mean, they had all sorts of instruments, good music, their own TV show, but not God. And even though I wasn't as close to God as I had been before, I could still feel that He was disappointed.

Minutes before the clock hit midnight, they had everybody go up to the front to thank God for the new year. I went up just to be respectful since it wasn't an altar call or anything. So there I was, fed up with my shallow life, fed up with not going deeper with God, just FED UP with myself.
The clock struck midnight and I raised my hands in a church I was not comfortable in, a church I knew didn't believed what I believed, and got refilled with the Holy Ghost. I didn't know if they believed in the Holy Ghost nor did I care, I just needed to get back to God.

Later on my aunts were all talking about how "Did you see Anali? She was speaking in tongues right?" HA! Guess they didn't know what the real thing looked like. 
Anyway, that was just one instant in my life where I saw God's mercy and grace. I am just so thankful that God never stopped tugging at my heart. Even when I had drifted farther than ever, God never let me go. He truly hand picked me. Me, Anali Villasenor, yo. The plain truth is that as humans, the desire to live for God does not come naturally to us, it is a God given hunger and desire.

There are just times we need to sit back and say "Thank you Jesus because I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you", and that is exactly how I feel and that's exactly what this post is about. It's about God's everlasting love that engulfs and surrounds us. 

Thank you Jesus!

(P.S. It's also amazing seeing how God is just putting the puzzle pieces of my life together)


  1. WOW!!! That was a REALLY awesome testimony Anali!!! Sooooo good and soooo TRUE!!!

  2. This is awesome! I am so, so, SO thankful that God never stops calling us and dealing with us. My prayer is that God would never stop dealing with me!

    1. That's my prayer too. That the Lord would continue to shift what He wants in me no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

  3. It's overwhelming, isn't it?

    I love thinking about God's goodness in my life. It makes all present issues seem really small!


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