The Simple Pleasures in Life

Here are some of the simple things that make me happy (don't
  • A freshly baked chocolate chip cookie (yo Hanna, when you gonna hook it up again?!)
  • Watching my dog lay out in the sun
  • Coffee
  • A random note of kindness (Well, I've gotten an 'I love you fea' note before and it made me happy too, haha)
  • An unexpected package/letter in the mail 
  • A laugh attack
  • Making a baby smile
  • Making and adult laugh
  • A cheap cute find (like the yellow skirt I got yesterday!!!!)
  • Breakfast on a cloudy day
  • When a 2-year old can finally say your name (Nah-lee and Nana count)
  • Seeing a friend I haven't seen in a while 
  • A compliment from my mom (She can be brutal at times, straight up. lol)

What are some simple things that make YOU happy?


  1. A lot of those things make me happy, too!

    I like being awake and out of the house really early. The calm coolness is lovely. :)

    Coffee and Chocolate!

    Being thought of

    Taking a walk in the rain

    Taking a day of fun with my family

    Spending time with friends and just talking

    Interior decorating

    Seeing someone get the Holy Ghost!

    Getting a gift card so I can shop without spending my own money. LOL


    Relaxing. lol

    There's my list. And I would be even happier if I would have got to see you yesterday!! lol

  2. Wellllllllll you maaaay see me real real soon .
    ;) and I like gift cards too, but there's nothing like q hand picked gift like a penguin Christy sent me last year. It was soooo cute :)

  3. Mmmm yeah...i like when people give me gifts cuz they thought of me too!!! Liiiike I got you this because it reminded me of YOU!!! Also laughing my head off makes me happy annnnd like really good alter service and you pray soooo good and THEN omw afterwards you feel sooooooooo HYPER!!! Know what i'm sayin?!?!

    1. Well see, the reason I didn't put anything to do with church on that list is because they usually aren't that
      "Know what I'm saying"? Lol
      I still like reading what you spiritual people put though ;)

    2. Weeeeelll...LOL...ACTUALLY...some spirtiual things CAN be simple and some can complex...heeeey your still up...CALL ME!!! :)

    3. When did you post this? Before or after you called me? LOL


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