To My Readers From New Mexico

This past week and a half I have been out and about, showing my cousins from Mexico parts of the Bay Area. I decided on this title for this post because, well, apparently there is NOTHING to do in New Mexico except hunting rattle snakes and going into caves or something. Sooooo I wanted to rub it in that there are TONS of things to do here in the Bay Area. Muahahahahaha!!! (That's my evil blogging laugh by the way)

#1- Crepes!
So on day 1 I took them to eat some yummy crepes in Fremont. This place is really really good and it's really really cute. My cousin said that we ate "Calories of happiness" haha!

Cousin :)

#2 - Berkeley

I had always wanted to walk around crazy Berkeley and look at their little shops and I actually did for once! There are a lot of vintage shops like this one.

Should I go back and get this?
Or how bout one of these shiny ones?
Then for lunch we went to a Vegan accident. Luckily they had chicken sandwiches! haha!
This is the table that we sat at. They were decorated very cute!
And I got a MINI CINNAMON- BUN!!! I was SOOO excited! 

In fact, I was so excited I took a picture of it. But it wasn't that good so I ate the frosting and threw it away.

Tourist tip: Make sure you are prayed up because the spirits roaming in Berkeley are crazy!

#3 - San Francisco sight seeing!
My friend Hector was nice enough to drive my cousins and I to San Francisco since I hate driving in cities. This is a picture from the sun roof.
Then we went to a place by treasure island I believe? I have absolutely no sense of direction so don't take my word for it. lol
We went up to some mini hill.
 and ended up here. Last time I went it was sunny and it was beautiful! But it was still nice regardless.

There is also an old army base at the bottom of the little hill. It's cool to explore. 
I like this picture of the back of my head! lol, Christy said it looked like the cover of my new album. I told her it was titled "Walking with Jesus" aha.
We then decided to leave the fog and go into the sun at the Museum of Fine Arts.
This is my cousin talking to a duck, see, weirdness runs in the family.
I was also climbing stuff.. like a Monkey, and ended up here. LOL. It doesn't look very high, but it is. I had to climb up those little step looking things.
I figured that if I couldn't go to Rome,
I could just come here. It was SO pretty!

Ewwww Love. lol

I don't know if you can tell, but this dog literally had dreds. I thought of Mary again. LOL.
We went downtown to Super Duper, a really good burger place. On the streets there were these cool keys. I tried getting it out, but it didn't work.
We then went BACK to the fog to the University of San Francisco. AKA my ex-school.

I made them go up the 1008080384 stairs of Lone Mountain. Which takes you to this pretty view.

Theeeen we went to Coit Tower.
(I didn't take this picture lol)

Hector! Aka the chauffeur!

Another place we went that I did not take pictures of is Haight Street in San Francicso. If you do not know about that street basically years ago this was Hippie central. There are shops like this one bellow, 

all over the place. That's another place that you have to make sure you are prayed up. It was cool going for the first time and all, but I don't think I would go there again. At least not at 5:00 PM at night, it was fine this time since there was a guy with us though, but yeaaaaah. There are a lot of vintage shops though. It was entertaining regardless. 

#4- Uh, Family Time..
Well this was no where important, but we did have a mini family reunion.
I was reminded how hard it was to get a group picture. lol .
This picture is ordered by the shade of skin. White, brownish-white and brown. LOL. I don't understand how my cousins from Mexico are so light-skinned. LOL.

#5- Santa Cruz Beach Bordwalk!



My mom said it looked like we were advertising sun glasses. haha.

I was amazed on how CRAZY the weather got. It was super sunny and then the fog started swallowing up the boardwalk! I was FREEZING! Look at this!
Like I said, Crazy runs in the family. lol
I was really really

Last picture of the day! For some reason my whole family was laughing at my face of the picture on the bottom left.

Oh! I also met some Pentecostals from China!I approached them when I had a chance and they told me they were just visiting and that they thought I was also Apostolic Pentecostal when they saw me. One of their daughters told me she liked my outfit, it was completely random lol. It made me think a bit though. I knew they were Pentecostal because you don't see a group of women in long skirts everywhere, but you do see people in long skirts. I was basically happy that they noticed that I was a believer like them! People should be able to tell the difference  ya kno?

#6 - San Francisco Shopping!

I think everybody knows about the stores in down town, so I didn't really take pictures. There is a really nice mall and a huge Forever 21 :)

People also perform outside, this is proof to Mary that there are a lot of... I mean, there is a lot of witnessing that she could do out here in the Bay area. LOL

Well that was a glimpse of what my life has been like lately. It was actually weird sleeping in my own bed last night (I was sleeping in the living room while the family was here) and now I can't remember what my life was like before Heritage! Literally, I've been on the go since then.

----------->>>   P.S. <<<-------------

(I say P.S. a lot huh.)
How would I look like with brownish-redish hair?

 aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnd look at...
California clouds

 New Mexico clouds.

See! The cloud difference is NOT in my head. It is really true! Those gray looking blobs were the clouds in Santa Cruz! lol  At least New Mexico has SOMETHING nice that we don't have out here in the bay are. haha!! 



  1. YOU SAW A DOG WITH DREDS AND THOUGHT OF ME???? Wow Anali!!! I'm seriousley laughing my head of right now!!! Annnd street performsers they got those ALL OVER NYC!!! I wonder if where you all live its like NY!!! LOOOOVE that place!!! Weeeellll loooks like you guys gotta a lot of COOL stuff to do in CA!!! We don't got much over here...JUST ME...sooo of course thats PLENTY right there to keep anyone from getting bored!!! HAHA!!! Buuuuuut you guys still have to come back to do the Grand Canyon trip, and to take you for a tour of my hood aka the desert up north where I grew up ANNNNND Indian Village shop to get indian fry bread...oh we got a lot of casinos over here too...LOL!!! gys still have to try my fried chicken strips annnnnnd homemade chicken pot pie!!! Thats all!!!

  2. This literally made me LOLOL @ Mary -- "YOU SAW A DOG WITH DREDS AND THOUGHT OF ME????"

    I miss the bay, Anali! Great pics!

    1. HAHAHA!!! I know right??? That was SUPER FUNNY!!!

  3. The fact that you both mentioned the whole "you saw a dog with dreds" thing made me chuckle.... Heh heh.. when i saw the dog I knew I had to take a picture of it! Lol
    Youre right about being enough entertainment Mary! Lol

  4. What? No deep fried Twinkie?

    Looks like lots of fun. We should have run into each other - we were in Santa Cruz and San Francisco last week!

  5. No way! You were in SF AND Santa Cruz? How cool would it have been to run into you!
    And about the fried Twinkie, well I don't run marathons so I can't afford to eat 200000000 calories in one serving! haha

    I was very curious though. I told my cousins that I wish somebody I knew had bought one so I could say "Can I just have a bite" lol

    1. I would have given you a bite of mine! They are ONLY 425 calories, so try one next time!!

    2. I'm thinking of taking the girls from my church to the boardwalk before my summer is over. I'll make sure to split one with one of them! What about the oreos? Are those good? And did you know about dollar rides on Monday after 5:00?

    3. We didn't try the Oreos, the Twinkies were enough! We didn't know about the Monday deal, but that makes sense because it was PACKED on Monday night!

  6. Well there is more things in new mexico like hot air balloons and UFOs LOL :) The bay area looks cool though, maybe someday ill get to see it my self, I've always wanted to visit Alcatraz :)

    1. Alcatraz is super cool! I visited this year!

      I think Anali told me that she had never been lolol....

    2. Actually I did go ! Lol during thanksgiving last year. I Blogger about it too so feel free to look at the archive. Haha. I went super early and I didn't think it was all that but maybe I should try going later in the day.
      And Joe, are you sure your not an alien? Lol and I actually want to see the hot air balloon show thing you guys have in NM.

    3. Oooops okay, maybe it was Hanna then?? One of you bay people!

    4. Anali ,actually I am an alien, because this world is not my home, Heaven is my destination:) And the Hot air balloons are pretty cool, I've never been to the big show in Albuquerque, but I've been wanting to go
      and jen, ooops looks like you had your facts wrong lol

    5. It probably was! Who knows! That means that all of you non-Californians are going to have to come down to be tourists with us! Haha
      And Joe, I have no comback to that! Lol that was a good reply. Lol
      And did you two meet at Heritage? Or is one of those blog firsts lol which I have NOTHING against haha

    6. Oooo and I like Joe's alien response!!! Niiiice!!! LOL!

  7. Heeeey Anali's and Hanna NEVER got to do their Grand Canyon trip...Joe weren't you telling me that you too have ALWAYS wanted to go there? Heeeey like OMW...I have an idea...we should ALL GO TOGETHER sometime!!! :)))

  8. That would be kind of hard to get all of us in one place. Lol

  9. Oh buuut with the LORD ah...ALL things AH...are POSSIBLE...AH!!! LOLOLOL@@@

  10. Mary, if you "feel" a call to preach don't lie and say it's from the Lord! hahaha!

    1. We're all becoming preachers cuz of YOU JEN!!! ;) LOLOLOL!!!


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