Today I hung out with the muchachas from church. As some of you may know I am the oldest young person at my church, and well, God had been dealing with me for some time now about spending time with them so I finally did (woopsies).

I didn't do anything special, just had them come over and then took them to McDonalds. Originally we were going to go to Starbucks but I wanted an ice cream cone and since I am the driver, ya know... my way or the highway! lol

But seriously, I have my funny side and all but I definitely have my serious/lecture side. Which is why I've been nicknamed momma bear, mom, old granny, old lady, ect,. I thank God that there was an open door for me to actually talk to them. That's why I really wanted to be alone with them in the first place, it's one thing for your pastor, your parents and adults to tell you there is nothing out there and it's another thing coming from somebody closer to your age. At 13, you can only grasp so much ya know? They seemed to have listened BUT praying for them is all I can really do.. I don't know, like, I got reminded how much our youth needs GOD.

All I can do is just ask God to keep their minds! I couldn't help to think about Brother Kerrs message at camp, "Tears wont fix everything". He spoke about backsliding and everything in the book, how there are just some things you will never get back. I look at them and at the various stages they are in and... idk.They have to get it for themselves...

Sigh.... well on to the pictures. Sorry, had to vent a bit :)
Guess who got some cookie butter and had the girls try it?

Yup, ME!

Ashley's face cracks me up. LOL

on the left are ages 15-16, on the right 12-13... lol

They're so I have to stop talking as if I'm 100 years old!
I know this is not a cute picture but I was SO mad a stupid bird pooped on my car! I just washed it Saturday! UGH. and then I told them that I couldn't roll down the window because it would smear. and I forgot and did it anyway. It didn't smear though. LOL.

On another topic, Cassy's wedding is Saturday! I can't believe it! Happy Wednesday all!


  1. Okaaaaay FIRST of all, I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE YOUR SKIRT!!! Sooooo pretty!!! Soooo what did they think of the cookie butter? Your right, they have to get it for themselves, buuuut just keep befriending them like that and the more they love you the more they'll want to be like you, which just pushes you to be more like Christ!!! Like the song say, Lord I want to be be just like YOU, because he wants to be JUST LIKE ME!!! I want to be a holy example blah, blah!!! ANywayz, yeah, your awesome and I love you!!! LOL! :))))

    1. It's pretty huh? I love it! And they liked it :) and you're very right Mary! It's my goal in life to be more Christ like! I try to be balanced you know? On Tuesday I sat with them at church and they kept moving around and kept looking at their bible's instead of looking at pastor, I wanted to tell them to knock it off sooooooo bad, but I was like no Anali, you don't know If they're listening you can't be too strict. Lol plus, pastor was preaching to them and he didn't mind so yeah ! Lol I'm learning !

    2. That's so good that you took them out! And I worry about our youth like you, also. Its SO important for them to grasp the importance of getting it for themselves.

      I heard Bro. Kerr preach that message maybe 5 years ago I still remember the strong conviction at that conference on that night.

      Cookie Butter is yummmmmmmm!

      Love the pics!

    3. Yeah that preaching was so so so so so so good.
      And it is yum :) especially on pancakes. I practiced self control this morning when I decided that having an additional pancake after eating some eggs with chorizo would not be a very healthy-good idea. lol!

    4. P.S. I saw you and Alyssa in action at Heritage, when you were asking the girls to stay in the are and not to go far. lol. Remember that?

    5. HAHA!!! Yes, ma'am.

      And after Bro. Garrett's group went to their rooms, we had to prod our two to the van since there were only some guys left in the hotel conference room with them!

  2. This is so good Anali! We must really be kindreds because my nickname at church is Grandma and my husband is Grandpa- among the young folks. I'm only 23 and he is 24!! haha.. It makes my heart glad that you took the time out to do this. You have no idea how much it really means to them to have a Godly role model. That is so important!

    1. Thank you Kendra! That's what an older brother from my church told me one day when we were discussing the young ladies, he said that just fellowshiping with them is something, and that it counts more than I thought. It was cute how excited some of them got when I told them. Lol

    2. Those are the times they will remember when tempted to backslide. When you have firm relationships in the church its hard to walk away.. They will think back to a girl Anali that they look up to and who is an example and how she took time out to spend with them and pour into them. I hope you get to do it with them more often!

    3. Awe. I can only pray and hope that's how they feel. lol. And yes, I want to hang out with them more, just have to figure out what to do. For some reason food always has something to do with it. haha


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