"Yo Te Alabo" by CT choir- English Translation

Okay sooooo I honestly don't know what the name of the song is since I had this song on a random CD. I do know that it is by Coro Tabernaculo (AKA CT choir). I picked out the notes and translated it a while ago, so I'm sorry in advance if there are mistakes. I'm not a professional :p

The Spanish Lyrics are included in the little video I made (Cool huh? I can now say I know how to make videos! well it's considered one at least),
and here are the chords and lyrics in English. Enjoy!

"Yo Te Alabo" - English translation

Verse 1:
Dm                 C                           Bb
Lord, you lowered yourself as a human,
                             Dm           C                Bb
and you have shown us, your love on the cross.
 Gm                            F                        C
You revealed that you are the Lord the light,
Gm                                 F                        C-A
and now I give you my soul completely my Je-sus

                 Dm      Gm 
And I will worship you,
Lord of Lords,
King of Kings,
the beginning and the end.
Dm               Gm     C       Bb-Dm
I will worship you, Adonai Elohim,
righteous and mighty,
you are Jesus, my salvation.

Verse 2:
  Dm                   C                        Bb
The vail of the temple was parted in two.
                    Dm          C                  Bb
Now we can enter into the new covenant.
Gm                     F                    C
Your word was made by your voice,
Gm                            F        C-A
now I'll serve you forever my Go-d. 

//Repeat Chorus//


  1. Love these posts! I help out with Spanish songs at my church (we sing one during song service) so these are great!

    1. Yay ! I'm glad you're finding them useful. I hope others can too :)


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