Taco Eating Contest: Hanna Vs. Jen

                                                 Hanna                     VS.                 Jen

The stare off...

 The moment of truth!


These pictures crack me up. On Saturday I invited my Kindred's over to eat some real Mexican food. We had chorizo tacos. Hanna's first time trying chorizo! She liked them. This is all you could hear from Hanna's side of the table "mmmmmmm!" in a high pitched tone. Haha. 

We had all the spicy stuff on her side since she likes that. She even had two chiles de arbol. They are little, but they sure have a kick. I was actually thinking about taking some of those to WCC and challenging somebody to eat them...hmm. Just a thought. lol.
By the way, Jen professed herself the winner since she finished her food first. Hanna was too busy yappin' away. 

Oh and anybody care to guess home many little tacos they each ate? haha

If Anybody Cares..

This is my Friday night
All I'm missing is Hanna! Lol

Bye Bye Summer, Hello Fall

Which means...

Hello pretty scarves thatIhavewaytoomanyofandstilllove

Which means.....

                                                   Adios life.......

and hello books

Did I mention lots and lots of books?... sigh..


Now I just gotta get me some pumpkin cheesecake to cheer myself up.
Oh! and don't forget the coffee, coffee is important

heh heh :)

3 Generations of Mexicans

Generation #1- Dad
Hat, belt, outfit, and boots (although not pictured)

Generation # 2 -Me
Vest, skirt, outfit, boots, minus the hat

Generation #3- The nephew
Hat, and uh horse? minus a vest, belt, boots

LOL I'm suddenly noticing the progression of Mexicans in my family. We all let go of something in each generation! heh heh

In a Year

Random Facts
- Babies grow about 1/2 to 1 inch per month from 6 months on, and gain about 5 to 7 ounces  a week.
- There are 3,030,000 high school dropouts per year
- It is estimated that 1,638,910 men and women will be diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and 577,190 will die.
- In 2009 there were 2,077,000 marriages.
- In 2009 there were 25,103,770 iPhones sold.
- In 2008 there were 366 days in that year, and in 2009 there were 365 days.

Me in a Year
- In 2006 I did not know how to drive, in 2007 I did.
- In 1989 Anali did not exist, and in 1990 this world was blessed.
- In 2008 I became an Auntie.
- In 2006 I no longer had an Abuelita Maria
- I started 2005 wearing pants and ended the year in skirts (the year I was baptized and received the Holy Ghost)

Okay this post is probably a little odd, but you know how a lot of people say "So much can change in a year"? Well it's true. It may be that last year you did not own an iPhone and this year you do, or this year you know somebody you did not know last year, either way a lot can change, and does change in a year.

I'm not who I was in January, and especially not who I was a year ago. I thank God for that! Because I know God see's me for who I am now, and if God see's us all that way why can't we see each other that way? It is also another reason that we should always be on our toes making sure that we are right with God, because just because we felt Him yesterday doesn't mean it guarantee's we will feel Him tomorrow.

Just a random thought.

Our only security is our ability to change.  ~John Lilly

I Have My Moments Too!

Okay well I know that everybody thinks that I'm super smart and all  (haha), but I have my blonde/dumb moments too. (No offense to the blondes out there)

Here are some recent ones.

1. This one happened at Coco's eagle scout thing, (Click HERE to read Hanna's version) which is basically the highest rank of boy scouts. Anyway, I innocently looked at Hanna and asked
"Why aren't there any girls"
Hanna kindly responded " Um, because that's the girl scouts"

2. At Youth Alive I went to order at In-N-Out and asked for a #5.... there are only three items on the menu. I guess I was looking a the "5" on the #2.
My conversation went a little like this with the guy at the register.

Me: "Can I have a #5"
*Guy looks back at the menu confused*
Me: "Oh I mean a #2"  (as I am totally cracking up at myself, the guy taking my order doesn't laugh)
Me: "You looked back at the menu huh"
Guy: "Yeah, I was like huh I didn't know we had one"

3. We went to eat at "The Lazy Dog" Saturday night and there was a painting of a dog laying down on the wall. So I point to it and say
"Oh Lazy dog! I get it"
Then there was a waiter right by it and he says- "Lazy dog?" - with his hand on his chest, as in saying "me?"
Me: "No not you, the dog on the painting"

Melissa and I walk out giggling.

4. About three weeks ago Hanna and I were at a thrift store and there was some fake hair on top of the rack.
So I look at Hanna and say- "Hey Hanna, there's your weave!"

Then I look to the left and there is an African American by me who looked at us....woops!

Ayayai Anali!

Youth Alive 2012

This was my first Youth Alive and definitely not my last! I had a blast like usual, and aside from the amazing preachings about God's mercy and restoration, a highlight of this trip was meeting some of the bloggers face to face.  

Day 1 
One of those bloggers was Sister McElhaney.
 So nice to finally meet you! I wish we would have spent more time together, but in the short chat we did have, I could tell that you are: 1. Sweet, 2. COOL! 
Hope to see you again soon.
The other blogger was Miss Kendra. She is just as beautiful in person as she is in pictures. We hit it off right away. I had a blast hanging out with her after service Thursday, although I wish they could have made it to Magic Mountain on Saturday.  Her and her "twins" Misha and Courtney, had me cracking up throughout the night. haha
Click  here to go to her blog post about Youth Alive
Michelle and I were forced to share a chair heh heh
 Jedidah! I love this girl, I can't wait to see her again at West Coast!

Don't judge me. lol

Day 2

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the clouds...lol, they were actually nice! And of course, no morning is complete without some coffee.

What do Apostolics do when they stop to get gas?
They spray their hair..lol

My pretty roommates for the conference :)
I promise I wasn't trying to choke her.. ahem.

So basically I am making that face because I have no idea who that kid is. lol. 

Why am I slouching?

I don't know this guy, but I thought it was interesting how he charged his phone. lol
My Texas friends! Love you guys! It's kid of sad I don't know when is the next time I'll see them... tear tear.
I spy with my little brown eyes three other girls in this pic. lol
He drove there... ahem.

Day 3

This is what happens when you don't get on a ride.

Eliana loves taking pictures with me.
No really, she loves it sooo much that she shoves me away during the pictures. lol
This picture cracks me up.

Eliana is also so nice she pours water on poor innocent guys.... I had nothing to do with this...

Adrianna, Carisa, Elias, me and Vanessa.
I officially have more friends from Oregon!

 And that was Youth Alive my friends! 

A special thank you to Christy who was a wonderful hostess. Let me tell you, what hostess buys coffee for their guests in the morning and even makes them cinnamon rolls? Only she does! Love her!

It's kind of sad because my summer is about to end, I only have about two more weeks until nursing school starts....sigh.

Next conference will be West Coast! I have a feeling it's going to be one of the funnest ones yet, for more than one reason.


Super Kiddo

Presenting Super David!

I couldn't help it and I bought my nephew a little cape and mask. Yesterday at Magic Mountain there were tons of people walking around with capes, and I thought my nephew would like one but never got one for him until today.

He's so cute! and he actually let me kiss him! lol

 But now he is um, jumping off of stuff and jumping as he walks...lol
He sure can't wait until his grandpa comes home so he can "scare" him.
By the way, this is not for Halloween, just an FYI.

 I love this brat!

Stay tuned for the Youth Alive post coming soon :)