3 Generations of Mexicans

Generation #1- Dad
Hat, belt, outfit, and boots (although not pictured)

Generation # 2 -Me
Vest, skirt, outfit, boots, minus the hat

Generation #3- The nephew
Hat, and uh horse? minus a vest, belt, boots

LOL I'm suddenly noticing the progression of Mexicans in my family. We all let go of something in each generation! heh heh


  1. At this rate the next generation wont be eating burritos de frijoles anymore , Instead they will be eating "bean wraps" LOL

    1. LOL true, or they will be like my little cousin who makes snow flakes out of tortillas.

  2. You look so cute in your "Mexican" attire! ;)

    P.s. I miss you!

    1. Thanks! I wish I could rock that outfit again.
      Miss you too :)

  3. The only way I know that little girl in the pic was you is the distinctive, perfectly shaped eyebrows haha.

    LOL @ bean wraps.
    I think at this rate, I will be more Mexican than generation 4.

  4. Haha! Bean wraps. Doesn't sound too bad actually. Anali, you should try making some! lol

    I love your pic! Aw, so cute, I just wanna pinch your little Mexican face! Haha ;)

  5. Hanna: uh thanks for the eyebrow compliment? lol.
    Jen: I actually don't think I was that cute of a kid, haha!

    and you know what I just realized? Wouldn't bean wraps be like, bean tacos? because we eat those. I actually ate some last night that my grandma sent to the house. They were yummy. lol

  6. Yes that IS a cute picture!! lol Okay bean tacos, yum. lol


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