Shiny Stuff and Stuff

On Friday I invited the muchachitas over for some arts and crafts. I first had their parents drop them off at my house and then we went to Micheal's, oh what a dangerous place it is for those who love crafts!
After like three hours they finally decided what they wanted to paint and do, so we headed back home.
We ended up making some cookies too!

Karina and Celina with their art stuff.
 What did I work on?

Putting glitter on my key!

Haha! For those that don't know I kinda uh, like shiny stuff. And since I don't wear it I find other more creative things to put it on. lol. 
I sent this picture to a couple of people, and most people said 
"Of course, glitter!"
Isn't it cute?!! And although I enjoy a bit of glitter, I really don't enjoy it on my face and scalp. Which is where it ended up after making it.
(I also decorated a little mint tin but it's currently drying. lol)
The girls were laughing at me because I was really excited about my key. lol 
And theeeeeeeen on Sunday I matched my key by accident, and was really excited once again. I was going around the church going
"Hey hey look look! I match my key"
Most people just looked at me laughed and walked away... sigh...
My mom had to take a couple of pictures because the key kept camouflaging with my blouse.
And I matched itty bitty Maria too... heh heh.

If you would like a custom glitter key I am now accepting orders. All you need to do is mail me your key- house key, car key, ect. I also accept the car that goes with the car key.. heh heh.



  1. Cee: Thank you! and thanks for commenting. Where are you from btw ? :)

    Mary: I knew you would ! lol

  2. I Want To Do This!

    I love shiny, glittery bling also!!!

  3. Haha!! :) I looooovvvveeee shiny and glittery things! Bring your supplies to youth alive and you can make me one! LOL :) jk. So excited to meet you in person finally!

  4. Jen and Kendra,
    Let's do some arts and crafts after Thursday youth alive? LOL

    Wooohooo I get to see you both!

  5. I like the key! And your outfit! You just shine! ;)

    1. Thanks Kindred. That's why I don't wear shiny clothing, I would be too bright for people haha!

  6. I put glitter on my keys once! It was awesome and I got so many compliments! Not only that, I had a super easy way of finding the key for the car/house/etc cuz I didn't have to remember anything but the color!

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