Taco Eating Contest: Hanna Vs. Jen

                                                 Hanna                     VS.                 Jen

The stare off...

 The moment of truth!


These pictures crack me up. On Saturday I invited my Kindred's over to eat some real Mexican food. We had chorizo tacos. Hanna's first time trying chorizo! She liked them. This is all you could hear from Hanna's side of the table "mmmmmmm!" in a high pitched tone. Haha. 

We had all the spicy stuff on her side since she likes that. She even had two chiles de arbol. They are little, but they sure have a kick. I was actually thinking about taking some of those to WCC and challenging somebody to eat them...hmm. Just a thought. lol.
By the way, Jen professed herself the winner since she finished her food first. Hanna was too busy yappin' away. 

Oh and anybody care to guess home many little tacos they each ate? haha


  1. Those tacos were so good I couldn't help but win. ;) I won't say how many I ate...hehe
    Thanks for the delicious memories!! Love ya!!

  2. I looves me some chorizo!! I can imagine her high-pitched 'mmmm' lol! Ohhhhh you SHOULD bring some chiles de arbol ;
    ) And I'm just gonna guess that they ate 7 tacos :)
    Love you

    1. Incorrect ! lol and will you be one of the takers of he challenge? heh heh


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