The Case Of The Disappearing Dog

Once upon a time there was a doggy named Tyson who came into the Villasenor family in 2006.
Although they would complain about him because he would jump constantly and would never stay still,
 they still loved him very very much.

 Then on the first Monday night of September 2012, Mrs. Villasenor informed her daughter, Anali, that while she was happily on the phone, Tyson had fled from the house and was no where to be found.
After calling his name several times and taking a drive through the nearest streets, the Villasenor family decided to call it a night. They all went to bed disappointed and worried, except for Mimi, Tyson's wife.
She refused to go to her dogy bed and cried throughout the whole night because her companion was gone. 

And although the Villasenor family had no problem sleeping, they all had dreams about their lost family member.

Then in the morning Mrs.Villasenor woke Anali up to inform her that she had found a pleasant surprise in her car. Tyson! All that that time he was locked in Mrs. Villasenor's car and had to sleep there. This came to a relief to them and they laughed the morning away with the thought that that he was in the car all along.
The End

LOL okay serisouly though, Monday night was a bit sad for me. I don't usually panic or think the worst until it actually happens so I was pretty calm, but it was still in the back of my mind that my doggy might not come home. No joke though, my mom and I really did have dreams with Tyson. And Mimi, my other dog AKA Tyson's wife, really was crying the whole night. She wouldn't go to sleep! It was sad!

But in the morning my mom came in my room and said "You won't believe where Tyson was!". I guess my dad checked the lights in my mom's car on Monday night and  he got in there somehow- and stayed in there. lol
We were cracking up at the thought of him just looking out the window and wagging his tail when we were calling his name. That little booger! I'm so relieved he is back though. LOL

Side note: I leave for Youth Alive tomorrow morning! Yay!!!!!!! My first time :)

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  1. I love a good happy ending!

    P.S. Your dogs are married?!?! Wow.


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