Youth Alive 2012

This was my first Youth Alive and definitely not my last! I had a blast like usual, and aside from the amazing preachings about God's mercy and restoration, a highlight of this trip was meeting some of the bloggers face to face.  

Day 1 
One of those bloggers was Sister McElhaney.
 So nice to finally meet you! I wish we would have spent more time together, but in the short chat we did have, I could tell that you are: 1. Sweet, 2. COOL! 
Hope to see you again soon.
The other blogger was Miss Kendra. She is just as beautiful in person as she is in pictures. We hit it off right away. I had a blast hanging out with her after service Thursday, although I wish they could have made it to Magic Mountain on Saturday.  Her and her "twins" Misha and Courtney, had me cracking up throughout the night. haha
Click  here to go to her blog post about Youth Alive
Michelle and I were forced to share a chair heh heh
 Jedidah! I love this girl, I can't wait to see her again at West Coast!

Don't judge me. lol

Day 2

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the, they were actually nice! And of course, no morning is complete without some coffee.

What do Apostolics do when they stop to get gas?
They spray their

My pretty roommates for the conference :)
I promise I wasn't trying to choke her.. ahem.

So basically I am making that face because I have no idea who that kid is. lol. 

Why am I slouching?

I don't know this guy, but I thought it was interesting how he charged his phone. lol
My Texas friends! Love you guys! It's kid of sad I don't know when is the next time I'll see them... tear tear.
I spy with my little brown eyes three other girls in this pic. lol
He drove there... ahem.

Day 3

This is what happens when you don't get on a ride.

Eliana loves taking pictures with me.
No really, she loves it sooo much that she shoves me away during the pictures. lol
This picture cracks me up.

Eliana is also so nice she pours water on poor innocent guys.... I had nothing to do with this...

Adrianna, Carisa, Elias, me and Vanessa.
I officially have more friends from Oregon!

 And that was Youth Alive my friends! 

A special thank you to Christy who was a wonderful hostess. Let me tell you, what hostess buys coffee for their guests in the morning and even makes them cinnamon rolls? Only she does! Love her!

It's kind of sad because my summer is about to end, I only have about two more weeks until nursing school starts....sigh.

Next conference will be West Coast! I have a feeling it's going to be one of the funnest ones yet, for more than one reason.



  1. So glad we got to meet! LOL @the bow tie kid in your picture! He saw all you beauties and just couldn't help himself.

  2. But they aren't as cool as your first friend from Oregon, right???

    (BTW, you talk about slouching - I look AWFUL in that first picture! lol)

  3. Sister McElhaney: I think he goes to one of those girl's church, not sure. lol but thanks!

    Jen: :D! I'm glad you made that up haha

    Jedidah: You don't look awful! And you are my Oregon Favorite! You already know :)

  4. oooo la la...why will WCC be one of the most fun conferences this year?? ;)

    What do you mean you had NOTHING to do with the water? You ONLY filled the water bottle for me!! hahaha And, he was NOT innocent. That is truth. :)

    Church was amazing this year!!! I am so thankful for a merciful God.

    I had a lot of fun!!! :) I am glad you made it!! Especially because I was able to show you how super nice I am :) Btw, next time you come down, you are welcome to stay at my house! You can witness how good of a hostess I am ;)

    Te amo!

    1. WCC will be great because i know more people now than before , duh !

      And I didn't fill it up, it was Emily, but it was my bottle lol

      And okay thanks for the invite, ill have to take Hanna with me as my body guard if I ever do stay with you :)

      Te quiero tambien muchachita

  5. Had a blast Anali! leveantando la bandera! haha


    1. It was fun huh ? Even though you didn't hang with us for a long time but the convo about Wendy's and new years in Hayward was funny at the end.

      And I highly doubt ill be able to go in Oct but ill tell my church folk !

  6. WCC is going to be ONE OF THE BEST YEARS...BECAUSE...YOU KNOW ME THIS YEAR!!! RIGHT?!?!?! ;) Annnnnd just for the RECORD I MADE YOU AND HANNA ICED which you didn't like cuz I used splenda instead of sugar...ahhhh my unhealthy friends...bahaha!!! J/K!!!

    1. I'm sorry I don't like chemicals in my coffee lol .
      And yes Mary, its because I know you now ! And yes she is the coolest !

    2. Coffee IS chemicals anywayz!!! Bahahaha!!!!

  7. Ooooo annnnd look at Sister McElhaney!!! She looks soooooooooo PRETTY!!! Isn't she like the awesomest?!

  8. Oh, I shall have to text you for updates at WCC!

    "Soooooo Anali...who did you hang out with tonight? Hmmmm?"

    ;) Love ya!

    1. and then I'll reply to you with a picture :D

      Love you too :)

  9. Hey Anali! Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. You are too sweet! :) It was great seeing you again at youth alive! Hopefully I'll get to see you again sometime soon. Maybe at west coast?! Btw that kid with all you beauties is josh! Haha, he goes to my church and yes im pretty sure he couldn't help himself lol! ;)

    1. Yes I'll be ay WCC , and oh Josh. Ok lol and if I promote you on my blog will I get a discount for my wedding pictures in the future ? Lol

    2. Oh sure, girl! You definitely will! Lol ;)

  10. I love the window picture! I'm gunna steal it! LOL. OH, I need to blog about my experience at my frist Youth Alive soon...oh boy! ;) I was glad I got to go with you this year! Love ya!

    1. Yes blog about it ! And thank you for being our driver aside from wel... You know. Love you ! And im proud of you :)

    2. I think I deserve a trophy! LOL. Thanks dear!!!

  11. Heyy Anali!!
    It was soo nice meeting you too at 6Flags!! In that nice cooling room, on the benchh lol!!
    I love reading your blog, soo inspiring to me!!!
    Great job, keep it up girrl!! See you soon, Your new friend Cesiah...

    1. I'm surprised they didn't kick us out of that bench lol!
      And I'm glad you think it's inspiring, it encourages me to keep blogging. I'll see you soon!


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