A Thought For You Lovely Ladies

Have you ever though - "God I want to be so hungry for you, and so involved in the things of God that I don't want to care much about shopping and clothes"

Okay okay, listen here you shop-a-holics, take a deep breath and count to ten before you keep reading.

Ready? Thanks.

Anyway, I hope I am not misunderstood. I don't mean go ahead and dress all well...ugly. By all means, continue dressing cute, for several reasons like this one (will take you to Mary's post).

As ladies, we get into "I want 'this' and 'that'" modes. You know, when you want to put together a specific outfit you have in mind or just want another cute pair of flats? Or if you are anything like me, you'll want to go shopping for the upcoming season although you already have clothes (obviously if we survived the last winter/spring/summer ect), but you really really don't need anything. 

During the summer there were maxi skirts everywhere. Let's just say I added quite a few skirts to my collection this summer..lol. When I noticed that I probably shouldn't buy anymore and finally set my limit, that frustrating uneasy"I want that" feeling settled in.

Then the following thoughts came to mind one day when I was reflecting on God and in life in general.
My hunger for God should out due all, and I mean all desires in this life - including the desire to buy more clothing. That hunger should be constricting, overwhelming, to the point that it is manifested in the way that physical hunger is.

When you are really hungry, food is always in the back of your mind, you crave everything, and nothing seems quite complete until you eat food. And that is exactly how our hunger for God should be.

I just sat there and thought "God, put in me a hunger, a desire so strong that these silly worldly things mean nothing to me. It should not be bothering me that much that I can't buy ____" lol.

I know this is a bit silly and all, but ya know, I had to remind myself about this previous thought now that fall has kicked in, because I feel like buying every single scarf I don't have as well as every cute pair of boots..lol. I figured this might be helpful to other ladies :)

You still want to go shopping? Well ask yourself these questions:
1. Who am I trying to impress with the new clothes?
2. Is it really worth it spending money on all that stuff?
3. Do I already have ___? If so how many.
4. Can I even afford it.

So yeah! That is all. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Weren't we talking about this earlier today? Kinda LOL.
    Good post, my dear!!
    Something I have been thinking about too actually! I need to put those 4 tidbits on a flashcard and glued to my walled!!

    P.s. I bought nothing today after I left Panera! Yay! LOL ;)

    1. Yup we were! Lol congrats on not buying anything! Lol
      Oh oh ! I have an idea ! Let's invade each others closets when we want new outfits ! Lol . We have the same style kinda, at least in tops. Haha

    2. LOL. That's a perfect solution!!!!

  2. I like what you said about how our hunger for God should be more than anything else. "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world." I know if we are so obsessed with the way we look and the things we buy, it's obvious we love some things that are in the world. It's ok to like shopping and clothes (it's a normal female thing) but it's not okay when it becomes a passion and something we think about all the time. Thanks for sharing!!
    When are we going halves on the helicopter? lol

    1. Exactly Kindred!

      And I get payed on Thursday, let's do it then :p

  3. This is a really great post Anali!!! See...DON"T shut down your blog...You gotta speak as GOD speaks to you girrrrrl!!! LOL Fo realz tho!!! Plus its soooooo weird...cuz I was just talkin to Hanna about hunger for God in the Bible...its what broke through racism...anywayz...Annnnnd I have a blog post to write about THAT and I was SERIOUSLEY JUST tellin her about it like an hour ago...THEN I read YOUR BLOG POST!!! cRaZy-WEIRD-AWESOME!!!!

    1. We will see Mary. I will make my decision at the end of this year...which means I'll be with you. lol.

      Kindredism. heh heh

  4. Um...helicopter?? Please enlighten this Kindred!

    So true..reminds me of the sermon at On Course, I'll never forget, "ONLY the HUNGRY Survive".

    1. I told Jen I wanted a private helicopter so I could go see her whenever..lol . She said she wanted one too so I said we should go halves on it. lol

  5. I don't get paid until next Friday so we'll have to wait! lol

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