Getting Slapped by The Holy Ghost!

Okay so... basically I'm chuckling at the thought of this post and I am literally smiling at my screen. lol...

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago some ladies from the church and I were recalling funny stories that had gone on at the church. Ya know, people falling asleep at the altar,  people saying "Amen" at the wrong time, ect.

One of the funny things we were remembering was about one of the sisters, and how when she first got into church and when God would touch her, she would basically slap the whole church because she would spin (in the spirit) and not notice what was going on.

Well I jokily said "Maybe that was the Holy Ghost slapping somebody trying to tell them 'you better get right with God!'", and that was the end of our convo.

I am really giggling to myself as I type, this is

And well, first of all, I am glad to say that in the past two weeks I've been touched in an amazing supernatural way. Two moves of God that I will never forget.

One of those days as the Holy Ghost started moving, and when I finally let loose (if you guys know what I mean?)
I felt I hit something or somebody, but I mean , I didn't care, I was getting my blessing!

Days later I remembered this and told my mom that I thought I probably slapped somebody, and that it was funny to me since we had just talked about getting slapped by the Holy Ghost.

I recently found out who got slapped....I guess it was a visitor (well, she's been around for EVER) and she was not very happy about getting slapped and I guess stormed out of the church after it happened. Apparently though, she needed it....long story, but trust me on this.LOL

 Ah church...It's amazing for so many ways. haha. 


  1. That's hilarious! You should start a slapping ministry!! I could give you a list of people who need it haha

    1. Just sit them next to me at a conference haha !!

  2. Funny!!! But soo true we do need some slapping sometimes:)

    1. Yup! It's nice to be the one doing the slapping than being the one getting slapped though. lol


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