They Be Makin' It Hard For Us Mexicans To Eat Chips

Longest title EVER right? They be makin' it hard for Us Mexicans to eat chips. There are so many options that it's hard to pick!

Seriously though, the other day I went to the store to buy my beloved Hot Chips,  and then I saw this next to them....
I had to do a double take at the Hot Chips at my hands... I was thinking "Hot Chips or Tapatio Ruffles?"
I ended up with my Hot chips, I mean I guess I could have gotten both, but ya know, I ain't trying to clog up my arteries or anything.

I still haven't tried the Ruffles though, but soon enough I will. haha
Too bad they don't have Valentina chips, I prefer that over Tapatio...Does anybody know what I'm talking about or is this just a Mexican thing? I forget at times that not everybody knows what Tapatio, Valentina, Ganzitos, frijoles puercos, tamales dulces...ect are. lol. 


On a different note, anybody have any good jokes? I'm in need of a laugh. Thanks :)


  1. well I like valentina better too but tapatio does come in a more convenient bottle lol, and of course you know about me and ganzitos :) O and tamales dulces, I have not had one in years

  2. I personnaly prefer the valentina. Valentia can be purchased in a convenient hand sized bottle now (at least in the grocery store in my location) LOL. Tapatio has alot more vinegar to its taste, but has a good flavor. If given the choice though I'd take valentina.

  3. Joe: anonymous is right, valentina comes in smaller bottles now lol and your missing out on sweet tamales !
    Anonymous: tapatio too spicy at times for me lol juacamaya is good too !

  4. The only one I've heard of is Tapatio - cause I'll use it! lol The others...not so sure. Annnnnd...I have a joke, it's a muffin joke, but I think you've heard it before. ;) Haha!! ♥ you!

    1. Maybe next time you come over you can try all the hot sauces in my pantry :) and Haw haw, about the muffin joke, maybe Joe can re-tell it to us. heh heh.

  5. Replies
    1. WAIT...whats the muffin joke??? I like those like lil rolled chips... you guys know what i'm talkin about??? I better start studying up on all these Hot sauces!!! If Carmel is the NEW CHOCOLATE...I need to get prepared for marriage!!! LOL

    2. Mary, I hope you know what the muffin joke is now since I retold you this morning lol. And yes, start making a list of the hot sauces lol


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