Medical Humor

So on Saturday when I was attempting to do an essay I googled funny medicall jokes and I found some! Some of them cracked me up.
Here are some (that non nursing/medical/biology students can undertand lol) :

Keep Taking the Medicine
Patient: It's been one month since my last visit and I still feel miserable.
Doctor: Did you follow the instructions on the medicine I gave you?
Patient: I sure did - the bottle said 'keep tightly closed.'

Eating Disorder
A mother complained to her doctor about her daughter's strange eating habits. 'All day long she lies in bed and eats yeast and car wax. What will happen to her?'
'Eventually,' said the Doctor, 'she will rise and shine.'


Not a nursing cartoon but I couldn't help it. For those who know me well would know that nutritin facinates me and that penguins are my favorite animal, therefore this made me LOL...hahahahahahaha

November Photo a Day - I Cheated!

Well I starting doing the November photo a day, but kind of stopped talking pictures when WCC rolled around the corner. I was a little um.. ahem...distracted. lol

So I decided to cheat and take a whole bunch of pictures in the last few days and post them all at once.
Enjoy :)

1. Something beginning with "C"


3. Breakfast

Took my lovely mother out for breakfast this day :)
4. TV
5. 5 o'clock

Trader Joe's shopping time!
6. A favorite thing
Hanna's freshly baked cookies!!! That's what I did last night.. I figured out what is the best way to get kicked out of somebody's house... they offer you cookies.. heh heh.

7. Reflection

I didn't feel like taking a picture this day.. lol 

8. Something you do everyday
9. Small

 I guess she isn't the smallest thing around, but she still is smaller than me! Rachel cracks me up. This kid was just chillin' on the couch like this for a cool minute.

10. Can't (Won't) live without

11. Night
Yesterday on my way to eat some cookies! lol
12. Drink
13. Where you slept
14. Man-made

Birthday card a little girl from my church made for me last year, and a drawing of my future husband and I (that's what Jacky said when she gave me the picture haha)
15. In your bag
A penguin USB :) This little one goes with me everywhere lol
16. The view from your window

17. The last thing you bought
School supplies and different color pens :)
18. Happened this weekend

Well technically it happened last weekend, but I went to a Brazilian restaurant for the first time! It was AWESOME. Basically, you have a little thingy on your table that when it is green, the guys come offer you all kinds of meat, and when it is red, they don't bother you.. nom nom nom.. Everybody should go at least one time in their life!
19. Something awesome


That is a stuffed red blood cell :D  What can I say? Taking 3 years of science classes and being a nursing student makes your sense of humor a bit odd...right Hanna? lol
20. Work/play
Work= book for essay
Play= photo a day 
21. What you wore

I wore white scrubs...on a rainy day -___-
22. Grateful

This might sound weird, but I am thankful for Lake Chabot. Lake Chabot is a lake by my house where you could go walking, and it's just simply beautiful. I know a lot of places don't have anything like this near them, so I am thankful... I won't name what states or cities don't have lakes, green tree's or guys can figure it out... ahem. lol

23. Black

Black and white photos are my favorite :)

24. A sound you heard
25. Sky
 California has clouds when it is supposed to rain

26. In the cupboard

My butters! Peanut butter and cookie butter! and don't forget the variety of hot sauces lol.. like a true Mexican.haha
27. Tree(s)
Pretty tree! School has something nice!
28. Vehicle

29. Big

I finally found an excuse to put this picture up on my blog. lol
30. On the Wall. 
Some random pictures, this needs to be updated though!


So I didn't get a picture of everything, but I'm to lazy too try to do it so yeah...Oh well.
Anyway, last but not least...a  Thanksgiving picture with two of my favorite munchkins! You see that little girl? She is an monkey incarnated. She could not stay still... as you could see she was trying to get away.. lol

Hope you guys had a lovely Thanksgiving :)

Why I Go To Church

I got to church because...
  • I get frustrated kind of easily
  • I don't have a halo
  • There are times I can be lazy
  • I could use more faith
  • Sometimes I judge
  • I don't have wings on my back
  • I can be rude at times
  • I want a bigger burden for the lost
  • School worries me too much half the time
  • There are days I don't like myself very much
  • I don't always have a smile on my face
  • I want to fall more in love with Jesus
  •  I could be nicer
  • I want to be more sensitive to God
  • There are days I don't read my bible
  • I want a heart like God's
  • Sometimes I take matters into my own hands
  • I want to be broken
  • Sometimes I compare myself to others
  • I need to witness more
  • I could pray more
  • Sometimes I get sleepy in church
  • There are times I say things without thinking

I go to church because I'm not perfect.
I go to church to become better.
I go to church so God can change me.

Why does the world have a tendency to think that the church is a place for saints? Where in reality it's a place where the un-perfect go?

Cus I sho' ain't perfect!

God Uses Broken Vessels

I remember at Pacific Coast Camp I think two years back, Elder. Frazier preached an amazing message titled "So you want to be in the ministry?" (If I am not mistaken that was the title).
In his message he spoke about how some people think the ministry is all fun and games, when in reality it isn't.  He gave several examples of when the ministry is not glamerous. One of those examples included a time where his daughter, Jessica Frazier, was in tears about the work she was doing in Brazil, and he told her "God uses a broken vessel".

That day I made the prayer many of us (I would hope) make at some point.
"God make me into a broken vessel so you could use me". It wasn't some whispered prayer, it was a heart felt-tear filled, prayer. A serious prayer that I am assuming many of us campers made that day. 

After camp my life continued, school, work, church. And although I'll never forget that message, that day was moved to the back of my mind.
Then a couple of months back a situation happened (nothing worth backsliding about, don't worry, lol, I'll blog about it some day) where I found myself, on my knees, praying for an answer. Fighting against myself... I don't know how to exactly describe it unless I go into details, but basically, it was a difficult internal situation where all I could do was pray. I had to pray until I reached the point where I no longer was fighting my will and was given over to God's will and desires.

One of those nights when I was praying, I remembered that prayer I made a couple of years back.

"God make me into a broken vessel so you could use me"
Then it's like something clicked. I made that prayer but didn't really think that it would hurt so much. I didn't think it would be so uncomfortable. 

I can gladly say that the situation/experience turned into one of the most humbling, learning experiences. I would go through it all over again.

According to Miriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of broken is:
1. Violently separated into parts :
2. Damaged or altered by breaking
Wow that first definition is something isn't it? - "Violently separated into parts"
It already sounds like it hurts! 
If we are willing to be used of God, I mean, really used of God,  it aint gonna be pretty! He is going to break every bit of humanity in us, every bit of our own will and desires, move things around at His liking and let us heal together. 

You know, we go through all sorts of things in life, internal struggles, external struggles, and sometimes we forget that there is purpose behind it. What doesn't kill you really does make you stronger...really it does. 

So when you feel the crack in your bones, and the boiling in your veins, just remember God uses a broken vessel... a broken vessel.

"The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and contrite heart, O God, though wilt not despise"
Psalms 51:17

WCC 2012

 WCC was so much fun! A blessing like always-amazing messages. 

We started WCC in a ghetto fashion . 
GPS with no holder.

 And our sound system was great...but it skipped a bit when we hit a bump. lol

Anyway, here are a bunch of random pictures.

 Plastic cup fun. lol.

 Sis. Kendrick, it was a pleasure meeting you in person :)
 The Radisson has a butler ya'll, just know for next time. lol
 A picture after being around fishes and saying how cute they ? I know, it's weird.

 Hanna was
 Hi Joe! lol
 Elder Hyler preached "Spirits will come to you" at heritage..well I think one of those spirits that came to us was in the

 Mary's stuff spread on the floor of the Radisson. haha.
 Talking about boys I see ;)
The New Mexican and I :)
 Waaaaa! I want to go visit Puebla so bad!
 Birthday girl #1
 Birthday girl #2

I gave her a pet rock. That is what is in her hand. lol
 Coco's original birthday card.

Anyway, WCC was a blast. Had much more fun now that I know more people. I'm also able to insult more people since I know more people which makes me happy. 

Also, this was my first time going to the Spanish service and it was great! Bro.Shreckhise was not only anointed, but was pretty hilarious too. 

What can I say? There is just something about a Spanish service that feels like home.