But It is God's Will!

Guy: Why aren't you married yet?
Girl: Well, because I am waiting on the will of God.
Guy: I'm sorry I didn't tell you my name, I'm Will, the Will of God. 

Okay no, I'm not talking about that kind of God's will, I'm talking about God's will on Will.... he heh.. confused yet?

I was recently talking to Mary about how some Apostolic's say "God showed me this person is for me" or "God showed me that I was meant to be with ___". Or my favorite one thus far, "I've prayed about and it feels right".

Don't get me wrong, these are great statements to say when, ya know, you are like actually dating somebody and you know and/or are pretty sure the other person is praying about it too. Now, if the person you like or are interested in doesn't have a bit of interest in you, or doesn't even know you like them, that is just..... not right. How else can I put it? I mean there is always a possibility that it may actually be God's will, but when you set your mind like that, it is hard for that idea to get uninstalled if it isn't God's will.

I remember a few years back, a friend was telling me that he didn't know what to do because he thought this one girl was the one he was supposed to marry, but she wasn't interested in him......at.all. First of all I tried to tell him in the nicest way possible, that he pretty much couldn't force somebody to like him, and then I tried to explain to him that sometimes our emotions can get in the way of seeing the ugly truth. We sometimes see or "hear" what we want. 

I also know of another guy who thought one particular young lady was God's will, even though, once again, she didn't have an interest in him. He is now happily married to another wonderful young woman. 

Get the picture?

Our emotions and life desires can be our biggest obstacles in actually doing God's will. The best we can do to make life a little more simpler is to not over think things and to take every step to a relationship, and within a relationship, carefully. Making every move prayerfully.

Common folks, you are basically setting yourself up for heart break when you assume something is God's will. Don't close your mind  so much that it is hard for God to actually get in and change things a bit.

Remember, just because it feels right, doesn't mean it is right..
I mean, if you want to get married to ___ and ___ doesn't even pronounce your first name right, then Roger, we have a problem! lol. 

(P.S. Liking somebody before you even know them can also lead to heart break.. just sayin.. caugh caugh.. lol)


  1. You've just given me something to blog about. It's way too long to leave in a comment!!

    1. Yay! Im sure you can do a better job than me explaining what I'm teying to convey. Cant wait to read it :)

  2. Amen ANALI!!! HAHA!!!! There are SOOOOOO many things I could say right now...buuuuuuut...All I'll say is...I have a dream!!! LOLOLOL ;)

  3. This is such an awesomee post!!:)
    Thank you, us girls really need this kinda talk!!!

    1. I'm glad you liked it :) that way i see i am not just writing in vain !

    2. No your not!This is sooo very helpful!

  4. Love this! Seeee, this is why you must NOT leave the blog world!

    "Don't close your mind so much that it is hard for God to actually get in and change things a bit."

    That can preach for days!

    1. That's me, Anali - The preacher.. lol jk
      And yeah yeah... lol

  5. I couldn't agree more!!! I wish I could go around talking to young people about this one. Scary how "Gods will" gets thrown around so carelessly at time. We should be extremely hesitant to speak that unless we have heard from God,and sought the counsel of our man of God. I hear this so much from young, juvenile minds.

    When I ask a person, why do you think it's God's will and get a blank stare or a shallow answer that only includes *I think* and *I feel*- something is very, very wrong. God's will isn't about our feelings or wants.

    Oh boy could I go on and on. Good post!

    1. mmhmm. May God keep me from fallng into this. lol


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