I'm Sorry, But Tha'ts Just Not Cute

The Crazy Hair Accessory
I remember talking to a friend a while back, and he was saying that he went to a church who had and amazing, anointed singer... but he couldn't stop staring at the "thing in her hair"..lol

He said "I was thinking, yo sista, you got some twigs in your hair." hahaha
 I sent this picture of me to Mary and Jen and said "Look, I'm finally a true Pentecostal"...That was before my mother managed to clip it in my hair and get it stuck -___-
 Hair accessories are nice...as long as they don't take up 1/3 of the surface are of your head. You know what I'm saying? lol. 
But there are actually people who can get away with it. There is exceptions for everything of course.

The mismatching outfit 

What is up with all the super mismatching outfits now in days? I mean, I mix and match my colors, but not my flowers and polka dots. Come on ladies, COME. ON.

Of course there are some things that look cute, and if I am ever brave enough I may try something....some day...maybe. Did I mention the maybe part?

 The Crazy Hair

How do people come up with the hairstyles now in days? I'm obviously not the bests at doing hair and I have always been more on the simpler side, but MAN, some people just go all out with their HUGE hair!
I find it particularly funny when the girl that I noticed during service (more like couldn't seem to look past her hair, and started noticing every intricate design since I couldn't look past it) get's touched by the Holy Ghost and ya know, her hair ends up messed up at the end.. heh heh..
Who said God doesn't have a sense of humor?

"Aha! Let's shake ya up a bit in the Holy Ghost-a! Maybe shake of some of your vanity-ah!"


Man, I hope I don't get in trouble with this post.
Who is ready for West Coast Conference?! I sure am! Let's see how many of these "trends" I spot. aha

One more day!!


  1. Spot the trends and take picture proof!!!

    HAHAHA then you'd REALLY get in trouble! ;)

    1. I'm not trying to get rebuked at WCC thank you very much.. But I could get away with it if I blur somebody's face!
      LOL. I'll take a picture if I sit behind somebody that I blocks my view. haha

  2. You are too funny Anali! I totally agree with you concerning the crazy hairstyles and hair accessories! But, I do love wearing stripes and a flower scarf so I guess I'm one of those people who just love to mix and match my clothes! haha :)

    Love you!

    1. LOL! Well I didnt notice you did that which means It's not that bad ! Haha ;) love you too !


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