November Photo a Day - I Cheated!

Well I starting doing the November photo a day, but kind of stopped talking pictures when WCC rolled around the corner. I was a little um.. ahem...distracted. lol

So I decided to cheat and take a whole bunch of pictures in the last few days and post them all at once.
Enjoy :)

1. Something beginning with "C"


3. Breakfast

Took my lovely mother out for breakfast this day :)
4. TV
5. 5 o'clock

Trader Joe's shopping time!
6. A favorite thing
Hanna's freshly baked cookies!!! That's what I did last night.. I figured out what is the best way to get kicked out of somebody's house... they offer you cookies.. heh heh.

7. Reflection

I didn't feel like taking a picture this day.. lol 

8. Something you do everyday
9. Small

 I guess she isn't the smallest thing around, but she still is smaller than me! Rachel cracks me up. This kid was just chillin' on the couch like this for a cool minute.

10. Can't (Won't) live without

11. Night
Yesterday on my way to eat some cookies! lol
12. Drink
13. Where you slept
14. Man-made

Birthday card a little girl from my church made for me last year, and a drawing of my future husband and I (that's what Jacky said when she gave me the picture haha)
15. In your bag
A penguin USB :) This little one goes with me everywhere lol
16. The view from your window

17. The last thing you bought
School supplies and different color pens :)
18. Happened this weekend

Well technically it happened last weekend, but I went to a Brazilian restaurant for the first time! It was AWESOME. Basically, you have a little thingy on your table that when it is green, the guys come offer you all kinds of meat, and when it is red, they don't bother you.. nom nom nom.. Everybody should go at least one time in their life!
19. Something awesome


That is a stuffed red blood cell :D  What can I say? Taking 3 years of science classes and being a nursing student makes your sense of humor a bit odd...right Hanna? lol
20. Work/play
Work= book for essay
Play= photo a day 
21. What you wore

I wore white scrubs...on a rainy day -___-
22. Grateful

This might sound weird, but I am thankful for Lake Chabot. Lake Chabot is a lake by my house where you could go walking, and it's just simply beautiful. I know a lot of places don't have anything like this near them, so I am thankful... I won't name what states or cities don't have lakes, green tree's or guys can figure it out... ahem. lol

23. Black

Black and white photos are my favorite :)

24. A sound you heard
25. Sky
 California has clouds when it is supposed to rain

26. In the cupboard

My butters! Peanut butter and cookie butter! and don't forget the variety of hot sauces lol.. like a true Mexican.haha
27. Tree(s)
Pretty tree! School has something nice!
28. Vehicle

29. Big

I finally found an excuse to put this picture up on my blog. lol
30. On the Wall. 
Some random pictures, this needs to be updated though!


So I didn't get a picture of everything, but I'm to lazy too try to do it so yeah...Oh well.
Anyway, last but not least...a  Thanksgiving picture with two of my favorite munchkins! You see that little girl? She is an monkey incarnated. She could not stay still... as you could see she was trying to get away.. lol

Hope you guys had a lovely Thanksgiving :)


  1. Great Job!!!!!

    Did you go to Texas de Brazil? Fogo de Chao? Which Brazilian restaurant?? I'm a fan :)

    1. It's called Espetus's new in the bay :)
      Super nice and good!

  2. For your INFO we do have LAKES!!! LOL!!! And Grass AND trees...ahahaha!!!

    1. Cactuses aren't trees. Just because they are green doesn't mean they are as alive as trees okay? and who said I was referring to Arizona? lol You got defensive because you know California is more alive than Arizon huh?

      lol :)

  3. I especially like number 6, 7 & 19 :D

    1. 7? You like 7? Why? LOL it's a good picture of me huh? lol

      I knew you would understand 19 :) lol


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