WCC 2012

 WCC was so much fun! A blessing like always-amazing messages. 

We started WCC in a ghetto fashion . 
GPS with no holder.

 And our sound system was great...but it skipped a bit when we hit a bump. lol

Anyway, here are a bunch of random pictures.

 Plastic cup fun. lol.

 Sis. Kendrick, it was a pleasure meeting you in person :)
 The Radisson has a butler ya'll, just know for next time. lol
 A picture after being around fishes and saying how cute they were..lol ? I know, it's weird.

 Hanna was amazed...lol.
 Hi Joe! lol
 Elder Hyler preached "Spirits will come to you" at heritage..well I think one of those spirits that came to us was in the back..lol.

 Mary's stuff spread on the floor of the Radisson. haha.
 Talking about boys I see ;)
The New Mexican and I :)
 Waaaaa! I want to go visit Puebla so bad!
 Birthday girl #1
 Birthday girl #2

I gave her a pet rock. That is what is in her hand. lol
 Coco's original birthday card.

Anyway, WCC was a blast. Had much more fun now that I know more people. I'm also able to insult more people since I know more people which makes me happy. 

Also, this was my first time going to the Spanish service and it was great! Bro.Shreckhise was not only anointed, but was pretty hilarious too. 

What can I say? There is just something about a Spanish service that feels like home.



  1. So glad I got to meet you also!! Until next time!

  2. Awwwww I love you!
    LOL Random, I know. Soooo Glad you had a great time!

    (hey, who's that guy you kept standing next to?)

  3. Sounds like ya'll had a FABULOUS time!!! (I am a wee bit jealous).Which Bro. Schreckhise preached? I have known all of them my whole entire life. The grandparents and mine were even friends. I consider Bro. Danny and Sis. Judy Schreckhise to be my second set of parents. They are SO sweet. I love the whole family! Very good folks!

  4. SOOOOO SAD I DIDN'T GET TO GO!!!! It looks like you guys had a fantastic time!!! =] <3

  5. Sis. Kendrick: Until next time! :)

    Jen: LOL huh? I don't understand the question... lol ;)
    Love you too!

    Sara: Uh, I don't know his first name. lol. But he did a tremendous job preaching.

    Hanna and Elias: I know huh? Fun times!

    Jayne: We are sad you didn't get to go too. And yes, I will be at Conqueror's conference. Will you be there?

  6. The best week ever!! You even forgot some school stuff in our hotel room...that is what happens when you're on cloud nine. ;) Hehe Teasing... Love you lots!

    1. LOL I was NOT on cloud nine! LOL
      Love you lots too! Make sure you tell your pet rock I said hello :)

  7. So are you and Joe dating?!
    I saw alot of you two together on Mary's blog...:)

    Looks like you had a great time!

    1. Nah, he is just some random guy from New Mexico who came to CA and kept wanting to take pictures with me.

      lol Jk, no we aren't dating but we are talking :)
      Gotta make sure they aren't crazy before you date em'!

      Hi Joe if you are reading the comments! LOL

    2. Aww that's cool! :)


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