Why I Go To Church

I got to church because...
  • I get frustrated kind of easily
  • I don't have a halo
  • There are times I can be lazy
  • I could use more faith
  • Sometimes I judge
  • I don't have wings on my back
  • I can be rude at times
  • I want a bigger burden for the lost
  • School worries me too much half the time
  • There are days I don't like myself very much
  • I don't always have a smile on my face
  • I want to fall more in love with Jesus
  •  I could be nicer
  • I want to be more sensitive to God
  • There are days I don't read my bible
  • I want a heart like God's
  • Sometimes I take matters into my own hands
  • I want to be broken
  • Sometimes I compare myself to others
  • I need to witness more
  • I could pray more
  • Sometimes I get sleepy in church
  • There are times I say things without thinking

I go to church because I'm not perfect.
I go to church to become better.
I go to church so God can change me.

Why does the world have a tendency to think that the church is a place for saints? Where in reality it's a place where the un-perfect go?

Cus I sho' ain't perfect!

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