My Future Husband Shoud Be Thankful For...

The young lady who is in the picture with me

Yup, Hanna!

Why you may ask? Well because she is also going to be a nurse.
Which means that she is going to know a lot more things about my job than my future husband.
Let me explain.
The other day my instructor was lecturing about ethics in nursing, and how there were times that she would come home and talk to her husband about things going on a work until he said "No more".
She said she loved him so she liked talking to him but she understood that the stress was too much for him so she stopped. She then started talking to another guy friend who was a nurse too and was "like a sister." (LOL)

So the other day I told Hanna about this and we agreed it was a good thing that one of our closest friends  is gong to be a nurse too. It is going to save our husbands the trouble of listen to things that are TMI,gross and/or stressful emotionally. 

So yes, dear future husband, you better be thankful for Hanna!

And Chloee, if you ever need to talk in the future, Hanna and I are here for you. lololol since Eliana will most likely not like the information you would be telling her..heh heh..


  1. Ahahaha! We may as well plan on having a Nurses Anonymous group!

  2. Whatever. Actually, I was thinking about becoming a nurse when I was in high school so actually I can stomach a lot of information and I have seen much that goes on within a hospital. AND, I am a good listener but you probably would not know that since you don't take the time to spend quality time with me hahahaha ;) AND, I am always there for my sister no matter what. :p

    So there. haha

  3. Maybe we should Hanna Bahaha!

    Eliana, I didn't say you couldnt stomach the gross stuff or that you weren't a good listener. Sorry if i offended you Geesh lol .. and the reason I don't spend quality time with you is because you're abusive ;) heh heh..
    Love you Eli!

  4. oOOO I don't wanna hear about any of that stuff and I would NEVER want to be a nurse...EVER!!! Did I ever tell you guys about the time I was the Jr. Camp nurse?!!? LOLOLOL!!!


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