What I've Been Up To

Hello blog world! Here are some pictures of what I have been up to since I don't feel like taking my time and writing about anything serious quite yet. 
BTW, I'm out of nursing school for break. YAY!!!! 

Baby love!- Went to visit my little cousin and made her some headbands. Cute huh?

Global Winter Wonderland Year Two
This is my second year going to Global Winter Wonderland. I think it is definitely a must see, I wouldn't personally pay $16 for it but it was worth the $6 I payed. lol
It was soooo empty it was like....weird. I felt like it was the day after an Apocalyptic event or something. 
 Catching "snow"..aka fake snow It made my nose feel funny

 Karla and Maggie.. who said this place was just for kids? lol

 Look aliens! This picture was taken specifically for somebody.. can anybody guess who? heh heh..
 My castle..

 Coffee Love! See the heart?
At a Caffe in Sf.
 "Mom dad look at the mirror"
Mom: "No"
Dad: "Huh?"
 My new pretty mug. Thanks Cassy :) I just HAD to put a picture up. This mug is so..so.. me. hehehe


What-do-ya think?