A Weekend With the Thaler Family

I guess technically it wasn't a weekend since it was Thur-Sat, but you get the point right?
Anyways, Hanna and I drove down to Ontario to spend a couple of days with Kendra and fam (AKA Brendan, Steven and Courtney). We had SO MUCH FUN, the capital bold letters can't even describe how fun it was.

On the first night they took us to a beach by Laguna Beach that was amazing. The beach literally was kind of magical, no joke. There were so many stars out and you could actually see them twinkle.

There was also a small group of folks that came out from Fontana, you'll see them in the pictures:)
Basically, I want to live with them now heh heh...

At some crepe place at Victoria Gardens, AKA the nicest mall I have ever been to. 

We went to go eat Thai food which was very yummy and the tea is so good too!
I offered Hanna some of my tea and all she said was , "It's orange"
Um okay? lol

Kendra with her fried chicken pin from Mary lol

Brendan decided to show his wife the correct way to wear a scarf. lol
I love this picture of them
Kendra: Babe why aren't you smiling
Brendan: Because you just said my face was like that.
No Courtney was NOT in the trunk on our way to the beach.. LOL
Kendra was so nice to us. She made us breakfast every morning :)

Really I do..
Hey Mary, I found you a button "I got one"
 Christy :)
It was kind of hard getting a picture together.
 The guys "Posing"
Brendan, Ace and Steven

We ended our trip with Eli and Chloee

We ate at a place called Portos. The food was delicious and the pastries were unbelievable. I was SO excited when I saw all of these goodies. lol Really, I was, ask any of them.

Eli and I managed to get along the whole time. I am so proud of myself. lol
Seriously though, I am glad you guys were able to meet up with us. 

My trip was amazing and fun, too bad school starts on Tuesday. It was nice having a life while it lasted. sigh....


  1. Sweet! The Thalers are soooo cool!!! :)

  2. This Thaler was forced in the trunk of her own car!!!! LOL. COME HOME!!

  3. Awww, these pics made you miss all of you people sooo much!!

    Glad you bay area girls had a good time!

  4. I am so glad u introduced me to the Thaler family. They were sweet and family! Best of all, it was awesome to see u and Hanna. I love u girls!!!


  5. U can tell I don't normally leave comments lol. I meant to say "they were sweet and funny"

  6. I agree...Kendra is pretty awesome!! (I haven't personally met her husband so I can't say anything about him lol)

    You know what we did get along pretty nicely! haha But of course, you still managed to kind of ruin my cheesecake LOL :)

    Miss you girls already!!

    God bless you when you start school :D


  7. :'D *happy tears*

    It was such a good time. OTRA VEZ!

  8. I am so glad that you and hanna were able to come!! It was a BLAST!! :))

    1. Brendan was glad that he was able to "bend over backwards to be hospitable" LOL

  9. Cee: Yes they are!
    Courtney: No we didn't force you. you said something about that you never get car sick and liked rolling in the back ;)
    Christy: FAIL. lol thanks for commenting, and thank you for meeting up with us :)
    Eliana: The funniest part was that I didn't even do it on purpose! lol I loved that place. Mmmm Pina colada!
    Hanna: Agreed, otra vez otra vez otra vez!
    Kendra: IT was a blast! tell Brendan that he could do better, key to being hospitable is to not tell your guests you are bending backwards to be hospitable. lolol jkjk


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