Well Hello Blog World

Hi there,
I've been an absent blogger I know I know. What I've been up to? Nursing school.
I started clinical's about 3 weeks ago and have had tests and assignments in between.
Then only "social life" I have is seeing Hanna at a coffee shop, which means homework, talking and venting about... Nursing school.

I do want to say that there will be some changes in this blog.
1. Less pictures- Why? Well, I just kind of feel like it :p. On the serious side, I want my blog to be a help to some, not just a means of entertainment. Although I will probably post some pictures from time to time.
2. More relationship stuff- because of the poll (duh), which was actually surprizing.
3. I have no idea, I just wanted more than 2 points. haha. 

I'll try to post soon, but no promises, in the meantime if you haven't yet , check out "Why you should marry a nurse" part 1 and 2, written by Hanna and I :)  

I also want to say that the background on her blog is a background I've already used, heh heh, kindred status!

Hasta later!