Well Hello Blog World

Hi there,
I've been an absent blogger I know I know. What I've been up to? Nursing school.
I started clinical's about 3 weeks ago and have had tests and assignments in between.
Then only "social life" I have is seeing Hanna at a coffee shop, which means homework, talking and venting about... Nursing school.

I do want to say that there will be some changes in this blog.
1. Less pictures- Why? Well, I just kind of feel like it :p. On the serious side, I want my blog to be a help to some, not just a means of entertainment. Although I will probably post some pictures from time to time.
2. More relationship stuff- because of the poll (duh), which was actually surprizing.
3. I have no idea, I just wanted more than 2 points. haha. 

I'll try to post soon, but no promises, in the meantime if you haven't yet , check out "Why you should marry a nurse" part 1 and 2, written by Hanna and I :)  

I also want to say that the background on her blog is a background I've already used, heh heh, kindred status!

Hasta later!


  1. Hey you!

    As for this "2. More relationship stuff- because of the poll (duh), which was actually surprizing."...

    People LOVE to read that stuff! They wanna be all up in your business LOL! Relationship posts always bring traffic!

  2. LOL True that! LOL, Well hopefully it works for the good of some people lol

  3. Yawn.....jk jk jk jk. I"m looking forward to reading more!

    1. Go away Coco! lol jk. You never know if something I say may help your future relationship some day! LOL


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