*Disclaimer: I did not come up with this idea by myself, a message similar to this was preached today

Imagine this, you are talking with your friend and he/she says to you:
 "Hey I really like your outfit today BUT..."   Or
 "Sister whatsherface sings beautifully and she is anointed BUT..."

Everything that was said before the "but" is no longer valid after the "but" is mentioned right?

As it was preached today, the one thing that a lot of Apostolics struggle with is the past. The devil comes at us with the "do you remember when...".

The book of Ephesians chapter 2 tells us how to deal with is.

The chapter starts off on verse 2 and 3 saying how in times past we walked as children of disobedience, fulfilling the lusts of our flesh; the desires of the flesh and of the mind, but then  in verse 4 it says:

"BUT God who was is rich in mercy, for his great love where with he loved us"
and verse thirteen
"BUT now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ"

What does that mean for us?

That when the devil comes to us saying "you remember when..."

You can say, "Yes devil, I was a ___ and a ___, BUT God stepped in, BUT God washed away my sin".

Once we bring up the "BUT God" everything before it no longer matters!

God is good!


  1. Amen and AMEN!!! Thank God for...Oh never mind! LOL!

  2. Truth! I love that if we ask for forgiveness, we can start on a clean slate. Every.Day.

  3. thanx for this post it came at a perfect time:{ just what i needed to read

    1. Thank you for commenting. It brings a smile to my face when my blog can help somebody somewhere!


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