Miracles Miracles! I Want to See Miracles!

I want to see miracles! Lord knows that I don't want to live a life without seeing a miracle!
I want to get to a level that I have enough faith to believe in whatever/whenever.

This is not the first time I've thought about this, but in the past when I thought about it I thought about miracles elsewhere, with different people - but I didn't stop to think about what God has done in my church.

Here are a few stories from MY home church.

- Some years back a man named Zenel, was found with a cancerous tumor in his head. The doctors at the the hospital sent him home to die. That man is still at my church, and healthy as ever.

- About 15ish years ago a woman named Ildeliza came from Mexico to the U.S to save her daughter and family from a "cult". Ildeliza had cancer spread all over her body, and said that she used to lie on the cold ground to sooth the burning she felt on the inside and out.
When she stepped foot into that Pentecostal church where her daughter went, she felt something she had never before, and was healed! Ildeliza is still a faithful saint at my church and has started several home bible studies in Mexico.

- A sister from my church got healed from a tumor that fell off after she was prayed for! She nobody knew about this until her heeling came!

- A young woman in her late 20's came to our church and asked for prayer because she had ovarian cancer. God healed her! 

- Another lady came to our church with a wound on her foot the size of a baseball that wouldn't heal since she had diabetes. She had been limping for months, until God healed her; it wasn't immediate but it happened.

This has all occurred at my church, and we are still waiting on Him (or is he waiting on us? hmm) to do more miracles. Why? Because he is able!

Please comment and tell me, ( us, the world!) what God has done at YOUR church! If you don't want to put your name it is okay, just put your location. We are not in this alone, and we have each other to encourage one another, so please comment.
I challenge my kindreds to comment, Jedidah, Mary, Jen Lord, Michelle, Sis.Kendrick, and anybody else who read this to post about what God has done. Let's share testimonies :)

yay! I used way too many exclamation marks and I don't care! :) heh heh..

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  1. That's awesome!

    Here are some things that have happened at my church within the past few years.

    A brother in our church was taken to the hospital and it was reported by the doctors that he had a brain aneurysem. The doctors basically told his wife to get his will together. Our church prayed! The doctor said "We were positive you had a brain aneurysem, and now we're positive that you DON'T have a brain aneurysem." God is good! This man is our youth leader!

    Another man in our church was told by the doctor after he had bloodwork done that he had cancer. Him and his wife refused to accept this! They went home and prayed, then went back and he took the test again. The test came back - no cancer!

    A new convert in our church came to a service and she had a terrible headache. She got prayed for and God healed her right there in the church. God can heal cancer, and he can heal a headache.

    One more...
    A guy in our youth group was healed about a couple weeks ago! Something was wrong with his hip and he was having trouble walking. He came and got prayed for and right afterwards reported that he was healed! God is so good!

    Thanks again for sharing this post! You need to read the book I let Hanna borrow... there's lots of reports of healing in that book.

  2. Hanna is never going to let me borrow it.. she's distracted these days... lol.

    Thanks for sharing, this is great! God is good and able!

  3. Hi Anali! I normally don't comment, but we just had a miracle take place right here in Porterville last night, and I read your post and had to say something!

    There is a lady in our church who was just admitted to the hospital this last week because she had been VERY sick. She had diverticulitis, and her blood pressure was sky rocket high. At first the doctors thought it was her diverticulitis, but then they realized that her kidneys were actually failing.

    Last night, they were going to have to do an emergency surgery. She began to pray, and God came in and touched her body. All she could do was talk in tongues! She left a message on my dad's phone, and she was just speaking in tongues the entire time...she could not even talk right! The people in the room across the hall heard her and said they had never heard something like that before, and she has been witnessing to them, and all the doctors. She got a 100% healing, and she can't stop telling people there at the hospital!

    It is so exciting to hear about a fresh, new miracle!

  4. Wow ! Thanks for commentinf. I like the part in particular where she couldn't stop talking in tongues ! :)

  5. Miracles are happening at Calvary Apostolic! As a church we are believing God for 100 souls this year! To date, 28 people have received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in 2013!! Many backsliders have prayed back through and miracles have taken place. I love the miracles about people being healed, but I think salvation is the GREATEST miracle!!

    *a young backslider (17 years old) came back to God last year pregnant, but her boyfriend wasn't in church. He resented the Apostolic church and thought we were crazy. He was being taught a bible study by Jehovah's witnesses. A month ago, a month after the birth of their son, he decided he wanted a bible study. My husband, myself and Bro Steven went for 3 weeks. Brendan taught the majority of it. Last night he came to church, and he said for some reason he felt like there were chains on him, he felt so condemned. Our current evangelist Bro Coburn preached about God breaking chains of bondage. He went to the altar and prayed, cried.. then He was baptized and when he came out, God filled him with the Holy Ghost! He was so excited that all He could say was BRO BRENDAN YOU WERE RIGHT!!! IT'S REAL!!!

    *The first Wednesday night service of the year, two friends of a lady in our church came to visit. Both of them were seeking God for more but had never been to an Apostolic church. During altar call, God filled one (Sis Deloris) with the Holy Ghost, while the other, (Sis Angie) had stammering lips. Sis Deloris made the decision to be baptized that night. When she came out the water, Sis Angie was balling her eyes out watching. Brendan asked her if she wanted the Holy Ghost and believed she could receive it. She said yes, He laid hands on her and immediately she began to speak in tongues. She was baptized that night! This gospel still works!!!

    *a young girl (19 years old) who used to be Muslim began visiting our church. Every service she would cry through the whole service because of how she felt the power of God and the anointing. After about a month, she was filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized!! She testified that she has never felt more love, joy and peace than in the Apostolic church and that she is here to stay!!!

    * the daughter of a faithful elder in our church made her way to the house of God last week after getting out of prison for a year. Her mother was given custody of her two children, Cassia (3 years old) and Neveah(1 years old). When she came to the night service, she began to pray and worship God in her pew during altar call. Her daughter Cassia, sat on her lap, and began to cry out to God for her mom. She prayed until her mom prayed back through - she even laid hands on her moms head!! It was unbelievable.. and while she prayed, God filled Cassia, a three year old little girl with the Holy Ghost!!

    I could go on and on... God filled a young man who WAS a homosexual. He is now delivered, on fire and a worshipper!! It is so inspiring! God delivered people from drugs, alcohol, depression, suicide, etc. I am so excited about revival! God is doing a great work!

    1. correction, 32 have received the Holy Ghost!! :)

    2. Kendra ! Wow thanks for commenting ! Wow !! Gives me chills! God is real. This is real. !

  6. Kendra, you're right, Salvation is the most amazing miracle! It's amazing how many backsliders God is drawing right now. I loved the things you shared, thank you! How awesome!

    1. Yes, thank God for revival in our churches! We need it everywhere!

  7. This post really inspired me and made me think about what God has done in my church and the things I personally have seen God do! I made a post about it on my blog, your welcome to go read it. We serve an UNLIMITED God!

    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes we DO serve an unlimited God! Isn't it amazing?

  8. It IS amazing, there's nothing that compares to seeing the mighty hand of God move on an individuals life and heal them, deliver them or fill them with the Holy Ghost!

  9. I am Sooo late and I meant to comment on this earlier but here I go:

    The most dramatic healing I've ever seen was at a family camp a few years ago. One of my friends injured herself during volleyball, fracturing her bone. It was extremely painful for her to have anyone even touch her leg. She went to the hospital that night.

    The next night, I had to drive my car as close to the church as possible so that she could hobble out. She sat in the front with her crutches next to her. Well it was storming and during prayer we lost electricity at the camp. Lanterns and flashlights were used during worship service. While the singers sang (without mics), the power of God FELL in that place.

    My friend who could barely walk without wincing in pain started praising God and then leaping and then running around the church!! She received her complete healing that night! It was incredible! Another girl in my church got the Holy Ghost that night! I will definitely never forget this!


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