Words of [Dating] Wisdom Pt 2.

If you haven't read part 1, click HERE.  
So as you probably figured out, this is part 2 of "Words of [Dating] Wistdom". This time my lovely guest is Kendra! 

Here are the questions I asked, and her answers :).

1. Kendra, I understand that you didn't grow up in the church. So from your experience and observation, what would you say is the most negative thing about the way the world dates?

Physical touching. There is no doubt that hugging someone, kissing someone, caressing someone speeds up the physical response. It never stops with those things. For men, it will increase their desire for more, and more. For women, it clouds your emotions into thinking he "cares" based on how much he touches you. 

Dating is not supposed to be an extremely complex, and emotional relationship from the start. Physical touch will cause this. Think about how hard it is for a girl to sever a relationship with someone who is a horrible choice for her once she has given away her purity to him. It creates a situation never intended by the God. With the help of the Lord, Brendan and I waited until marriage. BUT because of physical touch, it made it WAY harder to wait than it needed to be. 

2. What would you say to somebody who is considering dating like the world? Or somebody in the world?

Don't do it! It doesn't give you a chance to form a solid relationship like you can. In most cases, once you are intimately involved, it becomes hard to distinguish between genuine love, lust and obsession. That's a scary situation to be in. Do your boyfriend a favor, don't cloud his mind with sexual thoughts. And do yourself a favor, have enough respect for yourself to refrain. 

To someone who is in the church and is considering dating someone in the world... You need to do some serious praying that this is even a consideration. God never intended for us to be unequally yoked. Meaning you need to date someone with like faith, like mind and like goals. Otherwise you will run into major issues. If marriage follows think about how difficult it is to live for God with a spouse who doesn't? How will your raise your kids in a divided home? God forbid. 

It's not just about dating someone in the church either. He needs to know how to pray, seek God and prove that he is strong in the faith. Your future husband needs to be able to get ahold of God on behalf of your family, your marriage and future children. He needs to be a faithful giver. He needs to be a worshiper. He needs to love God above all else. 

3. What is something you admire about the way that Apostolics date? I ask this since you are able to compare and contrast dating in the world vs. dating in the church. 

I admire the simplicity of it. No strings attached (physically). If it doesn't work out, you aren't devastated that your first kiss was wasted. You are able to think clearly and make sound decisions. I admire that your Pastor, 
and parents are involved in the process. This is so awesome! Whether you understand it now or not, listen to your pastor!! My pastors wife dated a man for 4 years, and they were planning to be married. Her pastor called her in the office one day and said he didn't have a good feeling about it. No specific reason. They hadn't messed up. Well, she was obedient. And very soon after, my Pastor asked her to marry him (they knew each other since they were kids so its not a "knight in shining armor story" lol). She has the confidence even now that she chose the perfect will of God by listening to the man of God in her life. 

4. What is some advice that you could tell a single Apostolic? Male and female?

Males- if you are more attracted to her body than the fact that she is spiritual and loves God, keep it pushing! And when you find the right girl, after its been cleared with your pastor and hers, respect her enough to follow the rules. Generally girls will take your lead. Don't pressure her to do what's wrong. 

Females- Sis Johnson from TN said, "don't look for someone to 'complete' you, you should be completed in God already." Before you consider dating you need to examine yourself and make sure your relationship with God is strong. We are emotional so you need a solid foundation to stand on to weather the emotional storms that plague us women :) Respect yourself enough to dress modesty. Not seductive and sexy. Men are visual. Don't entice them, it's not fair.

To all, listen to your Pastor. Pray and seek God for His perfect will. Maybe who you would like to date/marry is the will of God for your life but not right now. Wait. Listen. Pray. And love God.


  1. I so appreciate this! I am sure others will be encouraged & enlightened as well.

    THANK YOU, Kendra and Anali for doing this.

    1. I hope it was helpful! You are welcome!

  2. Welcome welcome ! She gave great answers. Thanks Kendra for answering honestly !

  3. Love this post too! Such true words :)

  4. You're so young and wise, my friend! : D

  5. Awww...Great post!! Keep 'em coming, Anali! You don't know who's life you are changing with these posts. Young people need to hear this!
    Great advice, Kendra :)


    1. I'll try :) Glad you guys find these posts useful!


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