21 Reasons I Love Hanna

 Today my lovely kindred turns 21! Sniff sniff.. they grow up SO fast.. LOL.
 Here are 21 reasons why I love Hanna....in no particular order
  • She makes funny noises when I poke her
  • She is also a nursing student
  • She makes funny noises when I feed her good food
  • She has curly hair that I can play with
  • She travels with me
  • She listens to me when I vent
  • She puts me in my place with one sentence
  • She sings beautifully
  • She goes to Starbucks with me
  • She lives 3 minutes away from me
  • She let's me shop for her
  • She walks with me
  • She teaches me patience when she doesn't wake up early...ugh
  • She has funny facial expressions
  • She is a good example
  • She is humble
  • She over thinks and it's sometimes funny
  • She is Hanna
  • She is stronger than she knows
  • She loves me as much as I love her :)
  • She has been a solid friend
Hanna my Ethiopian sister, Happy birthday! Hope your day was filled with pretty pink fluffy shiny things! Oh wait.. no that's what I like.. Ummm... hope your day was filled with neee-phrons, reactums and Peet's coffee....heh heh.

Love and appreciate you more than words can describe. Now come over so I can feed you.. lol


  1. Aw, WOW, this is so nice :') *happy tear* and funny :D *lol*

    Thanks my dear Kindred, I ♥ thee very much!

    lol I had a wonderful birthday....it did NOT include nee-phrons or reactums BUT it certainly included Peet's ;)
    heehee :)
    come eat Italian cake from SF at my house. now.

    1. I teared up!! Geez Anali!!! :)

      Hanna the Thalers love you so much! It was a blessed day when you became our friend! Especially bc now I am better in touch with my Ethiopian heritage ;) haha!!

      Oh a more serious note- I want you to know that you and Anali are the only two that Brendan has ever bent over backwards to be hospitable for :) So that says A LOT!

    2. I can come over today after I babysit :)!! lol Love you kindred!

    3. Kendra- I did? LOL I love you Kendra, you're such a mom!
      and that's what you call bending over backwards? WOW, I'm NOT impressed.. hahah . Just kidding! Can't wait to give you guys that oppurtunity again. LOL

  2. Happy belated birthday Hanna!!

  3. Awww, everybody loves Hanna! ♥ Because she's wonderful! And you seriously made me LOL with the nee-phrons and reactums! hahaha Good times. Very lovely post! :)

    1. Hahaha welll not everyone, there are the Greeks, for example. lol :P

      LOL, this nee-phron and reactum "inside" joke better stay that way hahaha


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