Mary's Surprise 30th :)

Yes that is correct! I went to AZ for a whole 1.5ish of a day (lol), I landed Friday and left Sunday morning (and then got slapped by reality in the face - hello hospital prep and midterm). Anyway, it was a blast!!!

Here are some pictures of the party and some misc pictures of the trip.
By the way, this was the first time Mary was somewhat speechless... until she saw Hanna and I and literally charged at us! haha!

Beat her.
and her! Champion!!!! heh heh..

 And fellowship after the party!

We love you Mary!

Thank you Teresa for buying us tickets to fly out! Mary owes you a trophy for the best sister ever! Thank you guys for having us at your house. It was much needed break and it was very fun.

Few words huh, but lots of pics ;)


  1. LOLOLOLOLOL!!! That was sooooo THE AWESOMEST PARTY EVERRR!!! Annnnnnnnd I'm glad you got a pic of us together on your phone cuz ALL of the ones on mine came out bad!!! YES MY SIS IS DA BOMB!!! Was I really SPEECHLESS??? I can't even remember!!! BAHAHA!!! Love that one pic of just says PURE HYPERNESS!!! LOL I STILL haven't even blogged about I'm soooo astounded by the party and there was soooo much going on I don't even know how to organize my thought and sum it up!!! AAAAAAAAHHHH...that was FUNNNN!!!

  2. See, I just add pictures, I leave the min by min replay to you :) and yes you were speechless! Haha

  3. Awesome!!! Looks like so much fun!!


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