It Should Be a God Thing!

Almost two months ago, a wise man of God gave me some words of wisdom about dating.

He started off his conversation by saying he had a great uncle who would talk a lot like most older people do (and then pointed at himself lol), and during one of his uncle's anniversary celebrations he kept speaking about his wife. But every couple of sentences he would interrupt himself and say "But marriage requires patience".

With this simple phrase, he began a short conversation that I have kept in mind ever since.

There were a couple of points he made, and I'm going to do my best to address the most important ones in a understandable matter- bare with me now!

Outside Influences
It's easy to get carried away with what outside influences say. "oh you guys have been together for ___ you should be __", or "oh he/she is  ___, you guys won't/will  work"..... get the picture?

And then here you are going crazy, wondering if you will or will not work with the person you are dating/courting/WHATEVER. Just because of a seed that was planted in your mind by someone's words.

Confirmation About Relationships
Then the point mentioned above interferes with what we see as "confirmation"..It's not uncommon to pray for confirmation about things. We may ask for a sign, a specific message during preaching, a verse from the bible ect. But how many times (and this was what this man of God said to me) do we see young people who looked for confirmation about their relationships in different places and are now divorced?

Confirmation about a relationship should come from God, no one else. It should be one of those things where you know it was God speaking to you. Not your friend, your mom or anyone else. It should be one of those moments where you know in the spirit, what God wants you to do, and nobody can tell you different. This takes time though!

Marrying Someone Is a Calling
Pretty self explanatory I think. Although he gave an example of this.. Let's say that the person you are called to be with has a specific trait that really bugs you. It's not something that you can't stand, but it's something you rather a person not have. But you're called to be with that person, so you have to suck it up. lol. He even said "you may get to a place where you go 'God really? You want me to be with THAT person?'"'.

So yeah... I think those where his main points. But honestly, what has stuck out the most for me has been the whole outside influences thing and how it should be a "God thing", where you know it's God! 


  1. Good food (maybe tacos? I love tacos. Am I stereotyping?) for thought, Analiaaaahhh.

    Marriage.... dating.... talking.... singleness. It all requires patience.

    Confirmation - True, the only One that matters is God. On the other hand, I've seen people run into relationships eyes wide shut, unwilling to listen to those around them though since they knew in their heart that God spoke to them and we all know how the Bible speaks of the heart (deceitful and stuff).

    That said, I totally agree with your post. Just being the *ahem* Angel's Advocate.

    1. Mmmm tacos... Lol.

      And thank you for your kind words :)

  2. There's a lot of good advice out there. In the multitude of counsel there is safety. Please DO get your parent's and Pastor's feedback and advice: it's probably the most important of all. Concerning the external noise, you're gonna get a lot of it. People mean well and have gained, through experience, some helpful insight. In any relationship, attitude is everything, Communication is so vital, and Prayer is a must. "Internal noise" is pretty important too. It's strange: your head, your heart, and your gut can all say different things. I say, just keep insisting, in prayer, the will of God be done, and do not quit. In patience possess ye your souls.
    One thing I tend to hear from credible men of God is that you "will know", when it's the right person.
    Also just because you may find the right one does not mean that there will not be human problems. Whenever you have people there will also be problems. Thank God for His grace! Hope to add to the ongoing discussion and spark up more discussion.

    1. Oh yes of course our Pastor's advice and POV is vital, and in a way a common sense type of thing (I would hope). When it comes down to it, personally, if someone I was interested in didn't get the approval of certain people that are important in my life, including friends, then I would probably double think the relationship.

      As far as the external noise I think what the individual who gave me this advice meant the little comments that could affect one's thoughts and can even lead to unnecessary doubt or false security. I.e "you guys are perfect for each other".

      A close friend told me that a lot of people, and at times important people, approved of her ex boyfriend and when God started dealing with her about her relationship the external comments of approval caused her to delay the breakup. But that was her experience.

      I agree the " internal noise" sure is something else !

      Thank you for commenting. Your comment and "nuggets" of advice are greatly appreciated. After all , I am still a young person myself! As well as other readers .


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