Summer Has Begun!

Hello all! First of all, Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! and  I officially survived my first year of nursing school! Barely but surely! lol
These oranges didn't survive though :( lol  Yes I did draw on all of them! lol

I don't have anything to really blog about, so I decided I would share what some of my summer plans.

1. June
 Pacific Coast Camp!
 Since nursing school drained me physically, emotionally and spiritually, it's a great way to start off the summer. haha.

2. July

If you can't go to the party bring the party to you!.. I think it's how that saying goes?
We will be having some special visitors in the first week of July. Mary will be part of those visitors too, and we all know wherever Mary is the party is!

I will be going to Mexico to see my 95-yea-old great grandmother and will also be going to Puebla to visit the Wakefields :) I'm so excited! and a little nervous for some reason. lol.

3. August - TBA

4. September - A trip somewhere! lol.

Anyway, I am really excited that summer is here! I cannot believe I am done with year 1 of nursing school.
I will be starting off year 2 in the labor and delivery floor... pray for me y'all lol. 

Hope to see some of you guys tomorrow at PCC :)


  1. Happy summer! So sad I won't be at camp - have a wonderful time!

  2. "Wherever Mary is the party is!" AHAHAHA!!! LOVE IT!!! Yaaaaay I can't wait to see you guys!!!! Kinda a bummer that I didn't get to talk to you guys before you all left for PCC tho...its been sooooo busy annnnnd soooooooo much to say...aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

  3. Sounds like you have an exciting summer planned!!
    Labor & fun!! IF I was a nurse, that is where I would work! :o)


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