Above All Else

In your time living for God, have you ever:
  • Been stabbed in the back?
  • Had a position in the church taken from you?
  • Had a negative comment said about you?
  • Seen an injustice in the church?
  • Been offended?
  • Had somebody break up with you?
  • Had a family tragedy occur?
  • Lost a loved one?
  • Seen somebody close to you backslide?
  • Felt alone?
  • Been angry?

The list can go on and on and on. We go through things in life, things that sometimes make it hard to concentrate in church, things that consume our minds.

But you know what I've told myself? none of the things mentioned above  (and many other that weren't mentioned) have anything to do with the relationship I (and you) have with God (don't take this literally). Being offended or hurt has nothing to do with God.

Your relationship with God is exclusive- it's independent. No matter what you are going through (if that makes sense?).


Because above all else, my soul, your soul, must be saved.

I must be saved.


By having a solid relationship with God, not wavering when the winds of life and emotions hit it.

Above all else my soul must be saved
Above all else my soul must be saved.


  1. That song always moves me (For Above All Else, I Must Be Saved), ESPECIALLY the line that says "and whatever You have to do to me, don't let me be lost for eternity" because it's like we're opening ourselves up to Whatever God wants to do with us. Vulnerability. I know He knows best but man, does that ever scare my humanity!!

    1. Yes, and humans we are, but life moves on!

  2. YEA and AMEN! lol Seriously, this is so true! This is a revelation that people really need to get and understand for themselves; that it doesn't matter what happens in life, what really matters is our salvation. Great peace have they which love thy law, and nothing shall offend them. (or trip them up) The ones that are really sold out and strong in the Word I have seen stand no matter what comes their way, and no matter what anybody says about them. Thanks for sharing this thought, I'm going to share it with someone else. lol

    1. LOL please do share it with someone else. You have my permission :p


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