On July 4rth, 2013...

I saw the Greek sacrifice...

I went hunting with the Greek...
I saw the Greek get stoned...

Saw the Ethiopian run for their freedom..

and then get captured again...

I saw a prisoner... but unfortunately he escaped... AHEM. lol

Okay seriously, the 4th of July was the funnest day EVERRRRRR. Coco was like a wild man in the ocean with the sticks and stuff. LOL.

Mary :)

Funniest picture EVER below. 

 You guys can thank a bee for that. LOL

Anyway, I'm off to Mexico in the morning. Pray I land safely :).


  1. HAHAHA! Love it! You're hilarious. And it WAS fun! Can't believe she actually threw the rock at me! That was supposed to be a pose, not action. lol Love you!

    1. Don't worry. At leasy she didn't say you looked like a devil...I was wearing red and black yesterday and thats what she told me. Lol

    2. She said that? Why am I not surprised? lol Have fun in Mexico!

  2. [Insert imaginary Brendan and Kendra in all pictures]


    Wish we could have been there! Glad you guys had a good time!!!

  3. AHahaha!! Love the pics!

  4. You guys look so *PRECIOUS*!

    love ya! have fun in Mexico! andale!

  5. Looks like fun!! Btw, cute outfit your wearing! :)

  6. Aww Kendra! Sorry ! Lol thanks for the comments guys and thanks Nini. I was forces to dress patriotic. Lol

  7. Bananali!!! I MISS YOU!!! Come back to MAR BEAR!!!


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