Trip to Puebla P1.

As some of you know I just arrived from Mexico on Friday. I went to Guadalajara to visit family, but I'm not blogging about that because that probably isn't as exciting as blogging about Puebla.

From Guadalajara I flew into Mexico City.
This was my view flying into Mexico City.
Bethany met me at the Mexico City airport and we took a bus to Puebla.
We almost missed each other because there were too exits. She was at one, and I was at the other. Good thing I decided to walk around!

On the first day it was church time! I didn't take any pictures although Bethany informed me that her church was used to it, but I didn't. I sat in the front and though it would be weird if I turned around and started taking pictures. lol
Great place to store these huh?

This bird was so stinkin' cute! It's like a dog and wants you to rub it's neck. lol
That same day (Sunday) not only did Nicole show off her amazing pizza making skills, but she also showed us the right way to wash dishes. Bethany and I were amazed. Yup....that Nicole I tell ya, she will be a great wife to somebody some day.....ahem. lol

Anyway, the following day we went down to the market to buy some mole poblano!!
This is Bow. I thought he was huge. They didn't agree with me.

Anyone want a little ducky?

On our way back to the Wakefield's, Nicole sat next to some guy who was playing Spanish music. That is, until she sat down. Then he switched to English music.. hahaha.
Can anyone spot the guerita

Nicole wishing somebody was with her. Isn't she sweet?

Or not. lol

I convinced Bethany to act like she had sprained her ankle. But of course, I couldn't hold in my laugh so it was obvious it was fake. Her over dramatized acting didn't make it more credible either.

Dinner is served!

On our way to the mall Bro.Wakefield decided he could fit in this really tight space. I was kind of nervous.
But we made it! Only because the mirror was pulled in.
Okay this parrot is really funny. The first thing I see when I look into the pet store is a man jumping from the parrot because it wanted to bite him.
Then as we got closer to it, it came straight to Nicole and started dancing! It was cute!
It would still peck at people that got close to it though. It even started purring. I said "Look ! It's a Mary Parrot!" lol.

When we left people kept coming up to it because they thought it was friendly. Apparently this happens every time they come to the pet store. Since people see the Parrot being nice to them, they assume it's a nice parrot.. until they get close enough and it attacks. lol

There were parents who got soooo close to this parrot with their toddlers in their arms. I thought that for sure I was going to see somebody lose a finger. Thank God I didn't!

Part 2 to come :)


  1. Looks so fun! And looks like you had some pretty entertaining hostesses lol.

    Btw, did you realize that you were one word closer to the place you REALLY want to be? heehee.

    Well, dear kindred, I am glad you had a fabulous time while I moped around in the US!

  2. LOL about the purrrrring parrot!!! I'm glad it made you think of me!!! I wonder WHERE Nicole got such amazing pizza making skills from??? LOL Can't wait to read MORE!!! :))))


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