Trip to Puebla P2.

Part 2!

When we were standing here taking a picture, some tourists pointed their camera at us too. lol So we are now in somebody's home video or picture!
I'm just warning you guys that there will be some pictures that are sideways.  I'm to lazy to save these to my computer and then flip them and upload them again. lol
Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we went down town on this day. lol Woops.

Oh my word, these tacos are soooo goood! I finally go to go to the famous Taqueria Los Angeles. Nom nom nom..

When birds attack...

Nicole getting her blessing in the Catholic church.

Ahem.. lol
I do have to mention that at one point Nicole was laughing so hard that she snorted...which means it echoed in the whole church.
I'm totally normal.
I forgot what this place is called but they had soooooo much pottery! It was beautiful!

Convention center!

The Kifle's would have loved it here.. natural habitat.

Bethany found a cool new way to wash her feet.

On the roof!

Bethany and I :) Because Nicole was talking on the somebody . AHEM.
Part 3 to come!


  1. That food DOES look really good!!! I WANT TACOS!!! LOL And what is Nicole drinking in the Taco pic?

  2. It's some kind of green smoothie !

  3. My favorite thing to say to Nicole when I hear her laughing now is (in my best Anali voice) "Maaarvin!!! YOU'RE SO FUNNY!"



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