Trip to Puebla P3.

Okay here is part 3 :)

We went up to Cholula on of those days. I can't seem to remember which day it was.

Apparently they haven't seen squirrels in a while lol.

Plis, or please?

Okay this little stand was for a coffee lover! They had coffee jewelry and coffee marshmallows and more!

Chapulines anyone?

Elder sister Wakefield beating us all up the hill.

Elder sister Wakefield and I :) She's the sweetest!

Nicole is sooooo healthy.

Like really.. lol

Sideways lol.

Then it was time to go home :(
Sister Wakefield and I.
On my way out Austin was showing off his skills, and bow was "singing" along.

Bye bye Iglesia Tabernaculo De Victoria!
On the way to Mexico City!

Bethany in awe of baby Elisa :) I'll let them blog about that of course.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go out much during the last 2 days because it rained a lot. It rained most of the day, and usually it just rains at night. Either way it was fun being with the Wakefields. We laughed a lot, shared life stories, stayed up late, and ya know, just had fun!

Many thanks to the Wakefields for letting stay with them. You guys were so welcoming and very entertaining :).

Hopefully I can go back one day with a bigger group.

Also thank you to Bethany for taking this gringa to Mexico city so I could catch my flight and missing out on holding baby Elisa.


  1. Aww looks like you had a great time!!

  2. Looks like lots and lots of fun!!! :o)

    Hope you are having a wonderful summer!
    Take care!
    Sis. K.

  3. Awwwww!! I love seeing these pics!!!!!!! And by the way I STILL haven't actually HELD Elisa! But I did get to see her :))
    Thank YOU for coming, we all had a gooooood time!


    1. Whaaaaaaaaat? You haven't held her yet? Sad sad sad. lol.

      And thank YOU for having me :)


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