No Such Thing As Race?

Last year while reading a part in one of my nursing books titled "Cultural Concepts", I came a cross the following quotes that impacted me and have been wanting to share and never did. lol

"Among humans there are no races except the human race. Ideas about race are culturally and socially transmitted and form the basis of racism, racial classification and often complex racial identities" (AAA,1998)

"The Human Genome Project has discovered that humans are 99.9% genetically alike, and that the genetic variations related to geographic ancestry do not correlate with he socially constructed racial classifications that is, there are no genetically discrete races"

And did you know that in 2008 the demographics of nurses in the U.S consisted of the following?
- American Indian/Alaska Native 0.3%
-Asian/Pacific Islander and other 5.8%
-Black non-Hispanic 5.4%
-Hispanic/Latino, any race 3.6%
-White non-Hispanic  83.2
-Two or more races, non-Hispanic 1.7%

3.6%  ........  Yup, I'm one out of the three Latinas in my class....Just thought I'd share. I'll stop before I get back to my Puente days.. lol...sigh. I need to volunteer again. Okay I'm shutting up I really am.

I need to blog more! I'm just waiting for that little fire in me to go off about some topic so I can blog with a passion. hah.

Anyway, it's a chill 77 degrees here in the bay area. Don't you all wish you were here :p.

All quotations and statistics were taken from Fundamentals of Nursing 9e, by Berman and Snyder.


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