The Original Apostolic Beauty

The woman that is the original Apostolic beauty, has dedicated many posts and even more vocal words, on speaking highly of individuals that she coins as "good godly young people". We've read her infamous "Apostolic Male Model" posts  (She has good opinion if you ask me...wink wink cough, as well as her "Apostolic Beauty Posts", But I want to introduce to you the original Apostolic beauty...

Miss Mary Frances Ginty :)
 I will try to briefly state some of the things that make Mary such a good example.

A woman of Prayer
Heritage 2012
If there is a woman who knows how to pray it's her! There have been countless times that we have had conversations about prayer, and about things that she felt God told her during prayer! I know that if I ask her to pray about something she will, I have no doubt about it.

She knows how to wait on God

This woman knows the true meaning of waiting on God, and she hasn't compromised any of her beliefs or convictions while doing so. As many of us know by reading Classic Mary Moment's, among other things,  Mary is truly waiting for God to bless her with a husband (and He will). She hasn't given hope up, she hasn't gotten bitter, and she isn't jealous. She is praying and waiting.

She's a worshiper

 She does NOT hold back let me tell you! She is definitely not worried about messing her hair up (I can't stand girls like that by the way lol). She puts God first and that is that. 

She's an optimist
Mary is just a happy person. She reflects the joy of the Lord! The way it should be. You will NOT hear a "boo-hoo , poor me" come out of her mouth.

She's loving
Mar Bear hug anyone? Well... girls only of course. She is ready to love, she loves to love! She is genuinely caring. She is like a teddy bear... and has the best shoulder to lean on. No joke. lol

She is submissive

Yes, she is. She is ready to hear what the authority in her life has to say, and she responds with a good spirit too.

Okay, I could go on and on and on BUT , I'm sure if you get to know Mary you will all know why she is so wonderful. 

Love you Mary!

She loves chocolate though.
Did I mention she really loves chocolate? LOL

By the way Mary, I told you I can be nice :p 
And sorry for not always being available. lol


  1. Awwwwwwwww!!! ANALI BANANALI!!! That was soooo SWEEEEET!!! I feel soooo HONORED!!! Okaaaaaaaaay I forgive you for NOT calling me back!!! LOL!!! Buuuut you better call me tomorrow...cuz I LUVERRRS you and miss you!!!

    1. LOL Okay. I have nothing better to do with my life now in days. So yes, I'll call you tomorrow :)

  2. This is too sweet Anali!! :) I AGREE!!

  3. Awww this is so sweet! I didn't know you had it in ya, Analiahhhh! ;)

    Mary is one of a kind! Love her!

    1. Hey what are you trying to say ? Lol . that im not nice ? Hmph.. lol. Jk

  4. AWWW!!! Yes, amen to all those points about Mary.
    One really important one (at least to me and I'm sure, the guys lol) is that Mary can COOK! mmmmMMmmMM, I can still taste those tacos...biscuits and gravy...spaghetti..etc!

    ♥ Mar Bear!

    1. Don't forget I make good BROWNIE's too!!! ;) LOL

  5. I'm so glad you did this post! You could hear the sincerity in it and every word was SO true! :) Kudos to Mary (Ginty) lol <3 her much!

  6. Thank you everyone everyone for all your comments!!! I really appreciate them and this whole post in general!!! I love you all!!! Xoxoxoxo

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