The Unconventional Isaac

Hi Blog world, I should be sleeping since I need to get up a little before 5:00AM but I think my abandoned blog deserves it.

Well, what can I say, we all know the story. God told Abraham to give his only son as a sacrifice, and as soon as Abraham was going to do the deed God stepped in and said "GOTCHA!". Just kidding, he didn't exactly say that, but you know what I mean.

So as you can imagine, this post is exactly what the title says. It's about the unconventional Isaac.

Let me tell you a story- Once upon a time there was a teenage girl who set her mind on becoming a nurse. As she got older and entered college she sacrificed hours of sleep, her social life and almost her sanity to get the grades to be able to apply into the nursing program. On top of that, she had prayed about her career choice, so in her mind, she was on track.

The day came she got into the nursing program. Knowing that nearly 800 students apply to the program and that she got in confirmed to her that that was the Lords will.
Then one day during her first quarter in nursing school, she was about to fail a class. Never in her life had that happened. She had never gotten a C in a class and definitely not a D. "What is happening?!" she asked herself, "I'm studying as hard as I know but I'm not getting the grades!".

Then it hit her - What if God has different plans for her?.
So with tears in her eyes, she let go of the future she had planed. All the hard work, the vision she had for herself in the future; She laid it at His feet.

At the end of her prayer of surrender she told God that if she passed the course she would continue. If she didn't, after trying as hard as she could to pass, then she would consider a different career.

And guess what? She passed! I passed! With His help. (I'm sure you all knew I was talking about myself right? lol.)

This little story might seem silly to some, but through that I learned that God want's all of us. Not just parts of us.

As young individuals, often times our "Isaac" isn't conventional. It's nontraditional - It's anything that you don't really want to give to God. Is it your schooling? Your career? That boy or girl? What is it?

Sometimes God needs to see our complete surrender before he can give us our Isaac. It's almost like He says,  "Okay my child, your heart is right, let me tell you what I really want ".

And sometimes God doesn't give us what we want, and blessed be His name anyhow!


  1. Good post! I can totally relate to that one !!

    Congrats on passing the class :)

  2. Yes, I have fleeced God a few times in my life. :o)


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