Hello few but faithful blog readers (really, part of me doesn't even know why I have this blog still, but whatever. lol) finally here is self-esteem week year 2! If you didn't read year 1, please click here. The list of all 5 posts will be at the bottom.

This  year I have posts from 4 different ladies. I want to thank every one of them for opening up about this sensitive subject. Thanks a million! I hope that the posts from this week (and last year) can help somebody somewhere!
To break the ice, I want to include a "self-esteem post" by annonymous, but very hillarious, young lady. 
The fake post is below.
"Beautiful. Gorgeous. Priceless. 

Three adjectives that describe me. Being a young person (and a beautiful one at that), most would like I suffered, like most other young people, from a lack of self-esteem, confidence, and acceptance. However, I am proud to say I never have and most likely never will go through those trials. Why? Because I am beautiful.  Everything about me just radiates beauty--from my gorgeous long hair to my pearly whites to my fashion sense. Don't get me started on my fashion sense. I say this with the upmost humility, but I think I am the most fashionable Christian young lady in my circle of friends. Nobody needs to tell me or give me compliments because I see it in their faces when I walk in the door. They look at me like I'm a drive rent creature from a different planet. And the truth is--I am.  I'm from Planet Beautiful- population 1. And that person is me.  In Proverbs it says I'm care more precious than rubies and is that ever the truth?! I am priceless! 

Throughout my childhood, many people would tell my mom that I was going to be a beautiful young lady.  And boy, were they right. Not only am I beautiful, but I am of above average intelligence. I consider myself extremely blessed by The Lord. When people look at me, I just smile and say, " It's all natural." 

I've never really struggled with feeling like a disappointment or a failure because I've never failed at anything I've tried because God had abundantly blessed me with talents and abilities. 

For all you girls out there who have struggled with low self-esteem, I have a piece of advice. Just try being like me--confident. Confidence is a beautiful and God-given thing--like me! James 1:17 says,"every good gift and every perfect gift is from above...". Clearly. I am heaven-sent and a perfect gift from above. "

LOL. Stay tuned for the real posts :)