I'm On Break!

Hello blog world! Just a quick update about my life.
The most important is that I have successfully completed one more quarter of  nursing school. Not only that but I didn't hurt anybody either! yay ! lol. I'm kidding, I am safe I promise.
I had my first 5 weeks in maternity, and can I just say that our bodies are amazing and God created us perfectly! My last 5 weeks were on a medical floor with lovely patients, nurses and a lovely instructor! If you guys want to hear stories about nursing school.....boy oh boy do I have some now. LOL. My poor boyfriend and Hanna hear about all my stories all the time.

Anyway here are a few pictures of what life has been lately.
This is what happens when you ignore your dog during finals week. He just stares at you until you can't help but succumb to his cuteness. lol

I turned 23 :)
Went out to dinner with parents. This picture is funny because my mom had just finished putting her cold hands on my dads neck- hence, his face.lol

Chipotle enchiladas! My fave!

Went to a play put on by LCA last night.

They did so good!

A picture with the "falling star". Well, without her star lol

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely break and Christmas!
What to you have planned?
Aside from sleeping, the two highlights of my break will be seeing a very special somebody soon, and going down to visit the Thaler's and the rest of the folks down south.
I can't wait to see my boyfriend.....heh heh.. Yes I'm obnoxious and I don't care.


  1. Ugh. You girlfriends are just so obnoxious!


    1. For some reason I couldn't reply from my phone or other lap top. LOL but I was going to say is that I could get even MORE obnoxious... heh heh. TRUST ME as my mother :)
      She said that's she's heard so much about the boyfriend she basically has dreams about it. haha

  2. Yay Thaler time!!!!! :D Let the fun begin!

  3. Awww how exciting! :)


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