A Little Venting about Modesty

Well, I guess I'm not exactly venting about Modesty, but more like people's perception of modesty.
I mean, what is modesty? Really?
Let's look at a definition from dictionary.com. 
1. "having or showing a moderate or humble estimate of one's merits, importance, etc.; free from vanity, egotism, boastfulness, or great pretensions."

2. "having or showing regard for the decencies of behavior, speech, dress, etc.; decent: 

Alrighty, then how about scripture?I know there are a bunch, but for the purpose of this blog, let's look at 1 Timothy 2:9. 

"In like maner also, that women adorne themselves in modest apparell, with shamefastnesse and sobrietie, not with broided haire, or gold, or pearles, or costly aray"

With that said, why do people buy ridiculously expensive purses, bags, watches ect.? 
I was looking through some Apostolic blogs about fashion.. and I was a little upset by seeing lovely ladies, with accessories who's worth could pay off my student loans.... and I don't get it? 

I understand if things are found at Thrift stores and what-not, and it's okay to splurge from time to time, but my personal opinion is that we are slowly drifting from modesty when the price of our clothes and accessories are everything but modest. 

So I ask - what is modesty? what really is modesty... 

Plus, I hate when I look at cute outfits and they are rocking an outfit that is worth like $1,000, because that means that I definitely can't replicate it. lol. 

Okay that's all. End of venting session. lol. 

Birthday Happenings!

 Hello blog world! I turned 24 this past Friday and here is a summary of the birthday happenings.

On the day of my birthday, my dear friends from nursing school treated me to breakfast. Anybody who knows me well knows I LOVE breakfast, so it was a blast!

 And then the folks at Denny's sang Happy Birthday to me and brought me ice cream....for breakfast.. anyway, I thought it was embarrassing. Anybody else think it's embarrassing when people sing Happy Birthday to them? LOL
 That night, I had the muchachas at church come over to play games and hang out, not necessarily for my birthday, but because 2 of them were heading to Mexico. It ended up being a Birthday celebration anyway. It was mighty sweet of them, they brought gifts and even made me a cake... that didn't cook on time, so Karina (in blue) bought me a cake! I was totally flattered! 

So that night, all the important people in my life managed to say Happy Birthday except for Coco. Which was funny because I knew he knew, but didn't say it. I didn't get mad, since Coco and Hanna were taking me out for lunch the next day, but saw it as an opportunity to give him a hard time.. heh heh. 

Which I totally did...until he asked me when his birthday was and I didn't remember lol. 

Coco, being the funny guy that he is. Made this meme. LOL

I have to say that my favorite part of this lunch was the following slip-up when Coco was ordering his food.

Waitress: "What would you like to drink?"
Coco: "a Cocaine-col....Coca-cola please"
 Me and Hanna: "HAHAHAHAAHAHA Cocaine Cola?!"

Anyway, then the following day (yes I spent three days eating out and it was great!) my lovely parents took me to the Cheescake factory in downtown Walnut Creek which is SUPER cute!

So yeah, that was it! Thank you for all the lovely people who wished me Happy Birthday. 

Dear Teens, Do You Think God Can't Use You?

Fifth Sunday just recently passed, and I can't help but think about Fifth Sunday's a few years back.

Way back before we had our amazing pianist/worship leader (I guess it wasn't way back, it was just like 2-3 years ago lol) my church was stuck with me (poor church lol).

Looking back, I was just 16/17 when I started leading worship. I guess this may not mean much to some, but those that know me, know that I am not 5th or 6th generation Pentecostal, I didn't grow up in the church, nor am I a pastors daughter or granddaughter, and I am by no means a Jennifer Connell when singing/playing (love you kindred!)

As a matter of fact, my mother and I are the first Apostolic-Pentecostals in our family.

As the young people in my church are turning into adults, pre-teens and teens, I wonder how many of them know that God really can use them.

God can use anybody who is willing, regardless of age.

Going back to the fifth Sunday reference, I remember that I would literally go into a panic before almost every fifth Sunday during the years I was in charge. I felt so...so.... minute...so little compared to the great musicians of Bro.Rushing's church (their worship is still amazing by the way), and I just didn't want to go up there to be honest.

I felt embarassed.

But man oh man did I have some of the best experiences in my walk with God as a young person while I was in charge of the worship.

I remember when the presence of God would move upon the congregation while my church's little-to-no-English-speaking choral would sing.... I was in awe... utter amazement....I felt unworthy, but honored at the same time to have been granted the chance to have a part in an amazing move of God.

So you think God can't use you? Do you think you are just a teen?  a young person?
Read below...

"And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God,
That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your young men shall see visions,
Your old men shall dream dreams."
- Acts 2:17 -

See that?  Enough said.... God is good! The end (:

(P.S. 3 more months of nursing school!!!!!)

Oh Man, I Sure Stink!

If you are Apostolic, you know about a sir called Peter. Ya know, the one that God gave the keys of heaven to? (Mathew 16:19)

But before Peter preached Acts 2:38, he was a fisherman... a stinky fisherman.

We've heard it before - God picks the lowliest people so His name could be glorified. I mean, he picked a fisherman to preach his work. A stinky fisherman. Metaphorically speaking, we all stink too -- our sin reeks! Because we all know that we sin in some way or another.

Recently, a brother in my church preached about Peter and his stinkiness, and he reminded the church that God works through weakness -- not strenght.

As my favorite scripture states "My strength is made perfect in weakness"  Corinthians 12:9.

Where am I getting at. Well, I was thinking. Is it possible that God chose me, because I'm weak? Not just your regular "weak", but I mean always weak.

Is it possible that he knew that I would continuously be seeking Him to make me better? That I would always be working on something? Did He chose me because I stink?

Well if that is so, I'm sure glad I stink! If God is going to be glorified by my imperfections, then let it be so.

You see my friends, if you know me well enough, you will know that I tend to be a bit hard on myself. Every time I've done something I wasn't supposed to (Now don't let your minds wander. We all do things we aren't supposed to at times. It can be breaking a fast easrly, not reading your bible or something else. )  I feel extremely bad. I basically condemn myself.

No bueno.

So for me, having this revelation that God picked me because he knew I would never be perfect is a great thing.

I know that as Apostolics we are to get stronger in the Lord as we continue in our walk with God, but that doesn't mean you need to act strong...

Because we know that God works through weakness -- not strength. Which means we are always weak in some way or another.

And in that case..

Being weak is a strength.

And I sure ain't strong let me tell ya!

Hanna's College Graduation! - BSN

My little Hanna graduated this weekend! 
Man oh man, I am so proud of her. You see my friends, a nursing degree isn't like your regular degree... I'm sure that there are many challenging degree's out there, but I dare to say none quite like nursing! 

To give you an idea, one time I ran into a nursing student when I had barely started my program and the first think I was asked was "Have you cried yet?".


Anyway, Hanna graduated! And I'm kind of sad because the only socialization I had while in nursing school was studying with her. lol. oh well! 

Here are some pictures of the weekend happenings!

Pinning Ceremony

This is a tradition in most nursing schools. I don't feel like writing the history so you can google it if you like. lol.

Eeks... I look...tired. Had a midterm the day before and gotten up way too early that day. lol
Hanna and Sis. Lupe! Two beautiful God-fearing nurses!

They had a photo booth and it was a blast!!


Miss Hanna walked the stage on Friday! Earlier that morning she was in shock to find out Kendra came. Her face was absolutely priceless. Never seen her so stunned in my life. lol. I'm sure Mary can tell the story better than I can. She has pictures of the surprise anyway.
The girls! Kendra, Mary, Hanna, me and Jen!
Hanna and her granda :)

 Coco's new look... lol
Hanna sent this to us while the speaker at the graduation was speaking.. I must agree with it. lol.


Two beautiful ladies!

The Graduation Party!

Her party was fun. Got me some much needed Vitamin D. lol.

Congratulations Hanna! We love you! 
And I'm so very proud of you! 

Here enjoy some baby pictures of her lol. 

Loving Coco's suspenders. lol

I love this picture! So random... the carrot and all.


I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."
Psalm 139:14

The purpose of a temperature during the body's natural inflammatory response is to kill the infectious agent or virus.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

A mother produces milk by simply thinking about her infant. It also happens when she hears her infant cry.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 

If our brain isn't getting enough blood, we faint - being flat let's the brain get blood/oxygen quicker.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Individuals with iron deficient anemia, will sometimes crave dirt, ice and other metallic-ey like substances because of the lack of iron (Pica).

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 

If you are running low on calcium, your body will take away some calcium from your bones to compensate.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 

As soon as an infants head is out, it automatically rotates so it's shoulders can pass through the pelvis. 
I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 

In our stomach we have hydrochloric acid (one of the most powerful acids out there!), and we have cells that are there specifically to produce mucus to protect the stomach lining from damage.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Are you?

Is Nursing a Calling or a Profession?

"Why do you want to be a nurse?" - that is about the most common question asked to a nursing student. 

So here is a post about why I wanted to be a nurse and what nurses even do, because let me tell you that the general public has no idea.

When I was sixteen my grandmother was sent home on hospice to spend her last days at home. She was dying from metastasized cancer. Because she was on hospice, a nurse would come by daily to administer her medication. On one occasion, the dose of Morphine administered was enough to sedate my grandmother through the whole day. Because of the medication, my grandmother could only moan in response when spoken to her. Her spirit was there, but her body was too weak to physically move.

At the young age of sixteen I though the nurse had accidentally administered too much Morphine and I though the language barrier played a part in this incident. So I wanted to be an advocate for my future patients, I wanted to bridge the gap between language and healthcare (because less than 3% of nurses are Latino/a! ).

Fast forward seven years later, my reason for wanting to be a nurse has dramatically changed. 

I now know that the nurse taking care of my grandmother that day was administering the dose of Morphine to help my grandmother, not harm her. After all, the goal of hospice isn't to cure people, but to make them as comfortable as possible in their declining health status- even if it means quickening death. (For example, if somebody is in major pain the nurse will give morphine even if it decreases respiration).

Nurses.... they're just.... amazing. 

Honestly, I never knew the amount of knowledge they held, and most people don't know either.
Nurses have this....this.... ability, to look an an individual and look at the whole picture. Not just the illness.

You see, nurses aren't just giving meds and cleaning up bodily fluids all day. They are a mix of a medical professional and a counselor - a constant listening ear. 

Nurses witness individuals taking their first breath, and their last. 
And let me tell you this, if you are ever hospitalized you will see nurses more than any other medical professional. 

When a patient suddently gets worse or needs a new medication, the nurse is the one who calls the doctor, and often times makes suggestions on the treatment they may need.

We are told in nursing school that we are "the last line of defense". What does that mean? Well, if for some reason there is a wrong medication/s (or dose) in a patient's chart, the nurse is the last to see it and verify it before it gets to them. So yes, nurses are highly trained medical professionals. They aid in life or death situations, and are trained to notice possible problems early on to prevent complications.

But aside from all of that, the pure meat of nursing is the care rendered to patients... our patients...

What do you see in nursing? In nursing school? Humanity. Pure humanity.

Yeah I still remember patient _ who was admitted for electrolyte imbalance, weakness and dehydration. His nurse told me he was irritable and withdrawn. But if you talked to him you would find out his mother had passed away a few months ago and he had no family in the bay area -- he was an elderly man living by his absolute self. 

I remember that at the beginning of my shift he would complain, he denied his nursing assessment and wanted to be left a lone, but by the end of the shift he laughed a few times and lost at arm wrestling several times. Yup you heard right,  I arm wrestled my patient per his request - but it made him laugh! haha.

Or how about _, who is probably still waiting at the hospital for a bed to open up at one of the homeless shelters. But she sure loved karaoke! Music made her come alive - it was amazing to see!

And how could I forget _, a back slider who immediately recognized me as Pentecostal when he saw me. We talked through most of my shift where I found out his sad life story ... I still pray for him

You may say "That's so sad! How could you do it?".

Well, there is something so beautiful about being able to see people in so many different situations in life. To see people without the front they put up on a daily basis. No fake smiles.. just people being the person they would be in their home with their family. 

Plus, it's not all sad! Some of my favorite moments include:
  •  Seeing love at it's best. 
  • Seeing a father look at his baby for the first time. 
  • Seeing somebody wake up to his family after being asleep for five weeks (seriously amazing btw).
This isn't just some profession.  It really makes you look at humanity differently.

All I can say is that I hope I can one day be as amazing as some of the nurses I've seen.
One more year to go! Wooohoo! Oh, and I'm sure glad I didn't drop out of nursing school!
 (yep, I almost quit - got the major change form and everything. But that's a different story lol)

Happy Mother's Day :)

Happy Momma's Day to all you lovely moms out there!

I know I suuuuure love mine :).

Random Post

Hello my abandoned blog readers. Here is a random post

No I have not died
Yes I still want to blog
Church has been great and we've had a baptism every month and sometimes more than one!

Hey, here is a picture of  my kindreds!

 Wanna see something cute?

Here ya go!

heh heh heh.

 Yes I am super cheesy :)

Okay back to my school work! ;)


Love Isn't Enough

** Before I start this blog post, please keep in mind that what is said on this post is solely my opinion and does not apply to married couples.*

*Also, please bare with me through the blog post, if you only read the beginning it may be taken out of context. Thanks :)**

In Song of Solomon 8:6 it says "for love is strong as death". Isn't that a strong statement? Think about it.. "for love is strong as death". Wow!

But what is real love? We know the biblical context of love, and we know that Jesus loved us enough to die for us, but what about now? Of course, I'm not going to sit here and try to explain what real love is, because at my young age I don't think I can.

What I can say is that I believe real love (in a romantic relationship) comes after marriage. You know, after you've seen your loved one with morning breath, sick to their stomach, messy hair and all  (I know my humor is gross, but that's one thing that nursing school does to you. lol)-- After your relationship has been strengthened through trials and troubles. 

And honestly, It's hard for me to think or believe that love is that strong during the courting days. Although I do believe there is a "type" of love that exists before marriage, but not that  concrete/strong love that can only come after marriage. 

You must be asking "Okay soooo where are you going with this?"

Well if you are asking yourself this, I congratulate you, you are as impatient as I. But here is where I am going with this. 

Throughout the years, I've known countless young ladies (can't speak about the guys) who think that when they "fall in love" with somebody, they must stay with them. As if "love" was a fairy dust that can make all your premarital problems go away.


"Love"- or that particular definition of love, cannot fix legitimate problems. 
It cannot:
  • Stop continual fights between you two
  • Stop his/her temper
  • Stop his/her shopping addiction
  • Change his/her selfishness
  • Stop them from being self-centered
  • Change his/her worldiness
  • Stop an addiction 
and the list can go on and on and on..  
If you are in a relationship with somebody that has traits that you would not like your husband/wife to have, then why stay with them? 

Let me explain where this rant is coming from. 

I have a friend that is near and dear to my heart (not in church) and she tells me about certain things her boyfriend does that makes her mad. You see, this lovely lady is traditional and comes from a different country, and thinks "love" conquers all.  But all I keep thinking in my head is "run sweet girl, run, run, run".

"Love" is not a reason to stay with somebody.

It's an nasty statement, but it's true.

If somebody is not husband/wife material, staying with them will only hurt you in the long run. 

Okay, the blogging itch is gone, so now I'm done.

Man, I must be so annoying with my strong opinions and all. Oh well, it's my blog so I can rant all I want. lol ;)

My Winter Break

 Well, my winter break is over...it's so sad...but guess what? I can officially say that I graduate next year!!!!
Honestly, I could hardly wait until the new year to officially say that lol.

And since I didn't put up any blog posts I shall give you guys highlights in pictures. 

As a true Mexican that I am, we celebrate on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas (lol). My family didn't show up until like 9PM, true Mexican time I tell you. lol. 

We finally decorated for once so yay.
 And I had the grand idea to decorate with marshmallows with a very handsome helper...(ahem lol).. anyways, this was the finished product.

 And by the end of the night most were gone lol.


On Christmas Day we went to Christmas in the park  and went into this really elegant hotel. Pretty pretty!
 A cool phone booth randomly in down town San Jose

 The day after we went to SF and I went into the City hall for the fist time EVER! It was sooooo pretty in there.

  Oh and um this cool guy came to visit

Well, now onto the same ol'!

Happy New Year all! Let's make it a good year!