My Winter Break

 Well, my winter break is's so sad...but guess what? I can officially say that I graduate next year!!!!
Honestly, I could hardly wait until the new year to officially say that lol.

And since I didn't put up any blog posts I shall give you guys highlights in pictures. 

As a true Mexican that I am, we celebrate on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas (lol). My family didn't show up until like 9PM, true Mexican time I tell you. lol. 

We finally decorated for once so yay.
 And I had the grand idea to decorate with marshmallows with a very handsome helper...(ahem lol).. anyways, this was the finished product.

 And by the end of the night most were gone lol.


On Christmas Day we went to Christmas in the park  and went into this really elegant hotel. Pretty pretty!
 A cool phone booth randomly in down town San Jose

 The day after we went to SF and I went into the City hall for the fist time EVER! It was sooooo pretty in there.

  Oh and um this cool guy came to visit

Well, now onto the same ol'!

Happy New Year all! Let's make it a good year!



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