Love Isn't Enough

** Before I start this blog post, please keep in mind that what is said on this post is solely my opinion and does not apply to married couples.*

*Also, please bare with me through the blog post, if you only read the beginning it may be taken out of context. Thanks :)**

In Song of Solomon 8:6 it says "for love is strong as death". Isn't that a strong statement? Think about it.. "for love is strong as death". Wow!

But what is real love? We know the biblical context of love, and we know that Jesus loved us enough to die for us, but what about now? Of course, I'm not going to sit here and try to explain what real love is, because at my young age I don't think I can.

What I can say is that I believe real love (in a romantic relationship) comes after marriage. You know, after you've seen your loved one with morning breath, sick to their stomach, messy hair and all  (I know my humor is gross, but that's one thing that nursing school does to you. lol)-- After your relationship has been strengthened through trials and troubles. 

And honestly, It's hard for me to think or believe that love is that strong during the courting days. Although I do believe there is a "type" of love that exists before marriage, but not that  concrete/strong love that can only come after marriage. 

You must be asking "Okay soooo where are you going with this?"

Well if you are asking yourself this, I congratulate you, you are as impatient as I. But here is where I am going with this. 

Throughout the years, I've known countless young ladies (can't speak about the guys) who think that when they "fall in love" with somebody, they must stay with them. As if "love" was a fairy dust that can make all your premarital problems go away.


"Love"- or that particular definition of love, cannot fix legitimate problems. 
It cannot:
  • Stop continual fights between you two
  • Stop his/her temper
  • Stop his/her shopping addiction
  • Change his/her selfishness
  • Stop them from being self-centered
  • Change his/her worldiness
  • Stop an addiction 
and the list can go on and on and on..  
If you are in a relationship with somebody that has traits that you would not like your husband/wife to have, then why stay with them? 

Let me explain where this rant is coming from. 

I have a friend that is near and dear to my heart (not in church) and she tells me about certain things her boyfriend does that makes her mad. You see, this lovely lady is traditional and comes from a different country, and thinks "love" conquers all.  But all I keep thinking in my head is "run sweet girl, run, run, run".

"Love" is not a reason to stay with somebody.

It's an nasty statement, but it's true.

If somebody is not husband/wife material, staying with them will only hurt you in the long run. 

Okay, the blogging itch is gone, so now I'm done.

Man, I must be so annoying with my strong opinions and all. Oh well, it's my blog so I can rant all I want. lol ;)


  1. Excellent post!

    This statement "What I can say is that I believe real love (in a romantic relationship) comes after marriage," coming from a single gal is very perceptive!! It's easy, especially in a long distance relationship, to always be on our best behavior while dating. That's a good reason to not rush into anything and LISTEN, Listen, Listen to godly counsel!!

  2. Agreed, agreed, AGREED!! Great post, Anali!


  3. So true!! After being married for 24 years, our love is definetly not the love of our teen years. I wish I knew then what I know now. :-) I laugh at those that say that you are going to change your boy/girlfriend. You'll be the one to change, to make it work. Great post Anali!

    1. That's true, kind of like when somebody say's they'll hang out with somebody who's worldy because they want to change them, but it's usually the other way around.


  4. Well I personally enjoy reading your strongly opinionated blog posts lol (that may have something to do with the fact I agree with them ;)

    Anyhow, what you say is true. There's nothing like observing the ripe, real love of a married couple who have been together through hell and high water.

    1. Oh shh. you're just biased lol ;)

  5. Agreed, dear Anali! Along with everyone else, I also enjoyed this strongly opinionated blog post! I love to see older couples that really know each other and real love has kept them. Beautiful!

  6. Very good post Anali! The love that I have for my husband far surpasses and trumps how I felt when we were married. I believe that is exactly how the Lord intended for it to be. Marriage is likened to the church being the bride of Christ.. so it is modeled the same way. The shallow love (I would venture to just call it a deep appreciation) we had for God when we first received the Holy Ghost and were baptized certainly cannot compare to the deep love and gratitude that we grow to have for the Lord as the years go by!

    Love ya girlie!


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