Hanna's College Graduation! - BSN

My little Hanna graduated this weekend! 
Man oh man, I am so proud of her. You see my friends, a nursing degree isn't like your regular degree... I'm sure that there are many challenging degree's out there, but I dare to say none quite like nursing! 

To give you an idea, one time I ran into a nursing student when I had barely started my program and the first think I was asked was "Have you cried yet?".


Anyway, Hanna graduated! And I'm kind of sad because the only socialization I had while in nursing school was studying with her. lol. oh well! 

Here are some pictures of the weekend happenings!

Pinning Ceremony

This is a tradition in most nursing schools. I don't feel like writing the history so you can google it if you like. lol.

Eeks... I look...tired. Had a midterm the day before and gotten up way too early that day. lol
Hanna and Sis. Lupe! Two beautiful God-fearing nurses!

They had a photo booth and it was a blast!!


Miss Hanna walked the stage on Friday! Earlier that morning she was in shock to find out Kendra came. Her face was absolutely priceless. Never seen her so stunned in my life. lol. I'm sure Mary can tell the story better than I can. She has pictures of the surprise anyway.
The girls! Kendra, Mary, Hanna, me and Jen!
Hanna and her granda :)

 Coco's new look... lol
Hanna sent this to us while the speaker at the graduation was speaking.. I must agree with it. lol.


Two beautiful ladies!

The Graduation Party!

Her party was fun. Got me some much needed Vitamin D. lol.

Congratulations Hanna! We love you! 
And I'm so very proud of you! 

Here enjoy some baby pictures of her lol. 

Loving Coco's suspenders. lol

I love this picture! So random... the carrot and all.



  1. Cute party favors! Congrats Hanna! And Anali too, I know your almost done too:) You girls are so inspiring and diligent!

    1. Well thank you very much miss Emily! Yes I have one more year to go. I can hardly wait. Especially after being at her graduation!

  2. So proud of my Hanna Kindred!! What a fun weekend... and LOLOL at some of those pics.

  3. "Coco's new look" and Hanna randomly eating a carrot with random stuff all around her. Hahaha

  4. SO MUCH FUN!! I want to put the weekend on repeat and do it again and again lol!

    Congrats Hanna Bear!

  5. Congrats Hannah!!
    Thank you Anali for sharing the day with us!

  6. Yayyy! Congrats to Hanna!
    Can't wait to see your grad pics, Analiaaaah! ;)

  7. Kendra: Yes come back!
    Sis.Kendrick: I HAD to share. It was so special :)

    Jen: Oh man, I sure can't wait either. lol

  8. I'm ALL Late but CONGRATS HANNA! :)
    I look up to you girls:) When I grow up I want to be just like y'all!!!!! :)

    And Anali; please forgive my "doctors are better than nurses" comment lol! :)

    1. NO!! You are not forgiven!!!! LOL JK.

      It was great seeing you missy! Even if you were all up in my dorm space :p

  9. This is kind of late but THANK YOU ALL :)

    Especially you, miss Anali ♥


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