Oh Man, I Sure Stink!

If you are Apostolic, you know about a sir called Peter. Ya know, the one that God gave the keys of heaven to? (Mathew 16:19)

But before Peter preached Acts 2:38, he was a fisherman... a stinky fisherman.

We've heard it before - God picks the lowliest people so His name could be glorified. I mean, he picked a fisherman to preach his work. A stinky fisherman. Metaphorically speaking, we all stink too -- our sin reeks! Because we all know that we sin in some way or another.

Recently, a brother in my church preached about Peter and his stinkiness, and he reminded the church that God works through weakness -- not strenght.

As my favorite scripture states "My strength is made perfect in weakness"  Corinthians 12:9.

Where am I getting at. Well, I was thinking. Is it possible that God chose me, because I'm weak? Not just your regular "weak", but I mean always weak.

Is it possible that he knew that I would continuously be seeking Him to make me better? That I would always be working on something? Did He chose me because I stink?

Well if that is so, I'm sure glad I stink! If God is going to be glorified by my imperfections, then let it be so.

You see my friends, if you know me well enough, you will know that I tend to be a bit hard on myself. Every time I've done something I wasn't supposed to (Now don't let your minds wander. We all do things we aren't supposed to at times. It can be breaking a fast easrly, not reading your bible or something else. )  I feel extremely bad. I basically condemn myself.

No bueno.

So for me, having this revelation that God picked me because he knew I would never be perfect is a great thing.

I know that as Apostolics we are to get stronger in the Lord as we continue in our walk with God, but that doesn't mean you need to act strong...

Because we know that God works through weakness -- not strength. Which means we are always weak in some way or another.

And in that case..

Being weak is a strength.

And I sure ain't strong let me tell ya!


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