A Little Venting about Modesty

Well, I guess I'm not exactly venting about Modesty, but more like people's perception of modesty.
I mean, what is modesty? Really?
Let's look at a definition from dictionary.com. 
1. "having or showing a moderate or humble estimate of one's merits, importance, etc.; free from vanity, egotism, boastfulness, or great pretensions."

2. "having or showing regard for the decencies of behavior, speech, dress, etc.; decent: 

Alrighty, then how about scripture?I know there are a bunch, but for the purpose of this blog, let's look at 1 Timothy 2:9. 

"In like maner also, that women adorne themselves in modest apparell, with shamefastnesse and sobrietie, not with broided haire, or gold, or pearles, or costly aray"

With that said, why do people buy ridiculously expensive purses, bags, watches ect.? 
I was looking through some Apostolic blogs about fashion.. and I was a little upset by seeing lovely ladies, with accessories who's worth could pay off my student loans.... and I don't get it? 

I understand if things are found at Thrift stores and what-not, and it's okay to splurge from time to time, but my personal opinion is that we are slowly drifting from modesty when the price of our clothes and accessories are everything but modest. 

So I ask - what is modesty? what really is modesty... 

Plus, I hate when I look at cute outfits and they are rocking an outfit that is worth like $1,000, because that means that I definitely can't replicate it. lol. 

Okay that's all. End of venting session. lol. 


  1. I agree 150%!! Modesty should transcend to every area of our life. Monetary value is certainly part of that

  2. Good post Anail! I really like the way you break it down and explain it all. (;

  3. I think the key word here tho is BALANCE!!! While I dont' have a desire for coach, burberry or Louie whoever...Its cuz mainly cuz I don't think they're CUTE!!! Buuuuut the key world is BALANCE and living within YOUR MEANS!!! To some people, buying an expensive purse is no different then me wasting money on a hair accessory!!! We ALL have things that we WASTE our money on...even if its just COFFEE...FOOD... $5 for a cup of coffee, $10 for a burger, $10 for a hair accessory, $1000 for a purse...at least the purse is STILL there after a few days. I personally wouldn't spend more than $50 MAX on a purse...buuuut to some its in their means to spend $100 MAX and OTHERS crazy as it is, $500 MAX others a $1000 and while TO ME wasting a $1000 on a purse is ABSOLUTE INSANITY...I'm sure the people starving in Africa feel the same way about me wasting $50 on a purse. Soooo yeah...balance...you don't need THAT MANY EXPENSIVE PURSES, living within your means, budgeting and still GIVING!!! Welll that's my two cents...I'm over here ROCKIN my Ethiopian purse!!!

    1. LOL Mary! Of course you don't care about the price because you're Mary! heh heh.

      And I get what you're saying, I mean, I understand if you get a $300 purse or what not, that will last you FOREVER, but buying several just to bring your outfit together doesn't sit well with me.

      Yes it is about balance, but just because you can afford a purse that's worth X amount, doesn't mean you should.. I personally think (and this whole blog is my opinion after all) that it is not modest. I mean, it is proven that if you have an expensive purse or something expensive that is "flashy" you will be treated differently out there in society. People may charge you more because they assume you have money, and maybe you do, but that means we are drawing attention to ourselves because of the flashiness. IDK my opinion.

  4. Oh my, how I agree with this!!! We have the sleeves and hair down, but there is a LOT of costly array going on.

  5. You are so right! I agree. Thanks for posting about this dilemma; because it is something I see at almost every conference. I also heard a story about a pastor's wife that bought a mink coat at a thrift store. She ended up deciding to get rid of it because it 'appeared' to everyone else that she had spent a huge amount of money on this coat, and she didn't even want to give that impression. Costly array is something that can make new comers, visitors, or people that have less not feel so good about themselves, and it attracts more attention to us than it does to God.

    Looks like me and Mary are "venting" about modesty, too. lol! Again, good post!

  6. Very good thoughts. Makes me wanna blog (lol) about different facets of modesty such as, is it really modest if you're wearing/doing/buying something mostly to get a reaction from other people?

  7. This can be applied to men's apparel as well.

  8. AMEN SISTER...the Lord will beautify the meek with Holiness..not huge flowers, glittery sticks or accessories in our hair, name brand purses that could be use to help build more churches and outfits that are way out of budget. Its awesome that a young age you are able to see this dilemma.


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