Birthday Happenings!

 Hello blog world! I turned 24 this past Friday and here is a summary of the birthday happenings.

On the day of my birthday, my dear friends from nursing school treated me to breakfast. Anybody who knows me well knows I LOVE breakfast, so it was a blast!

 And then the folks at Denny's sang Happy Birthday to me and brought me ice cream....for breakfast.. anyway, I thought it was embarrassing. Anybody else think it's embarrassing when people sing Happy Birthday to them? LOL
 That night, I had the muchachas at church come over to play games and hang out, not necessarily for my birthday, but because 2 of them were heading to Mexico. It ended up being a Birthday celebration anyway. It was mighty sweet of them, they brought gifts and even made me a cake... that didn't cook on time, so Karina (in blue) bought me a cake! I was totally flattered! 

So that night, all the important people in my life managed to say Happy Birthday except for Coco. Which was funny because I knew he knew, but didn't say it. I didn't get mad, since Coco and Hanna were taking me out for lunch the next day, but saw it as an opportunity to give him a hard time.. heh heh. 

Which I totally did...until he asked me when his birthday was and I didn't remember lol. 

Coco, being the funny guy that he is. Made this meme. LOL

I have to say that my favorite part of this lunch was the following slip-up when Coco was ordering his food.

Waitress: "What would you like to drink?"
Coco: "a Cocaine-col....Coca-cola please"
 Me and Hanna: "HAHAHAHAAHAHA Cocaine Cola?!"

Anyway, then the following day (yes I spent three days eating out and it was great!) my lovely parents took me to the Cheescake factory in downtown Walnut Creek which is SUPER cute!

So yeah, that was it! Thank you for all the lovely people who wished me Happy Birthday. 


  1. Happy belated Birthday, Anali! :)

  2. Happy belated birthday! I like celebrating for a few days as well! And if I never have "Happy Birthday" sung to me at a restaurant again, that would be just fine ;)

    1. Finally somebody who agrees with me. Lol. And Thank you!

  3. Oh and Btw: I LOOOOOVE being sung too...I know, I know, BIG SURPRISE!!! ;))))

  4. Oh annnnnnd btw, I'll send your present eventually!!! I have what I want to do in my mind it just hasn't actually happened yet!!! you know me!!! Hee, hee!!!

    1. It's okay, im expecting it in April since thats when you sent Last years lol.

      And i didn't put the flowers up because I didnt feel like taking and uploading a different picture. The picture i had had my address on it. Lol.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to youuuuuuu!!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! {big hugs}

  6. Nice meme "Mem-ay" Coco made. hahaha
    Glad you had a gooood bday! See ya soon!


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